Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Happy Friday!

     It's mine. I need to go in tomorrow to review some stains on a breast core, I think it's DCIS, but I'm worried about invasion so I need the myoepithelial stains to prove it hasn't left the box. I'm excited to have a few days off to unwind and get some appointments done that I canceled during Covid week. 

    So much going on the past two weeks. I feel like a broken record with my GI issues but they have been improving for six months so I've been upset to have a major setback. I won't bore you with all the details but Friday was a doozy. Major puking before 9:30 am. Kimberly is a saint, she got me Powerade with a straw and blew up one of the new mattresses I ordered last year when the employees complained about sleeping on the floor during snow days. I was shaking so hard she covered me with two blankets and three coats. Tell Shaver I can't work, I told Tina, and they redistributed my cases. I don't do this very often, call in. Can probably count on one hand. It's not kosher. But I was worried about patient care. I slept for two hours.

    So much happening. Annie came yesterday for a meet and greet - we went to dinner at Capers. Elise and Melody joined us it was so fun. She may jump ship, maybe not, we will see how things work out. She has a unique skill set that I think we could use. Also other business things are coming to a head that I cannot discuss online. When it rains, it pours.

    Got my first shingles vaccine yesterday. You can get it when you are fifty. When C had her last bday in March, Mike and Rach hosted. It was lovely but I was tired. Learned from their friend that she got shingles in her vagina. Holy Hell. I guess there are dermatomes everywhere, but I have only heard of it being truncal (abdomen) or in the back of your head (bro Matt). The girl that gave me the shot told me that most people get shingles vaccine bc they heard of someone that had it. It's apparently painful as hell. 

    Got really depressed on Sunday. Couldn't crawl out of bed. Marianne revived me. And Gangs of New York was good, but a little too full of itself. It did pass the time. Flowers for Alice Hart (may have mangled the title) is sooo good so far. Hoping to revive reading soon. Planning hair and dentist and finishing that blasted breast case tomorrow. Then headed to Eureka for the weekend. 

    Elise spent her med school in Australia and was so excited I'm planning a trip there in end of January early Feb. She recommended a lot of great food. She is a gem and doesn’t know her worth, like a lot of women in this world. We discussed Costco today. I've never been. She said her first date with her husband of over ten years was at Costco (we were so poor. they have free samples). She cracked me up. I told her Bad mom docs had a 535 comment thread about Costco finds I read over the weekend. We have set a tentative date after she has taken her molecular boards at the end of Sept. to go there. We have to eat pizza, she said, and I'll show you around.

    When I was little, I had a babysitter that took care of me and my sister Sara for years every Saturday. Her name was Aileen. She was from Australia. She was older, long gone now. She used to let us stay up late and watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Then we would watch the stars, which were much more multicolored and wonderful back then. My mom and dad met her when he was in med school - she lived in the duplex next door caring for her husband who had dementia and was a veteran. She promised me she would always take me to Australia. She wanted me to experience the Great Barrier Reef. I'm finally making it happen. Violet crumbles. The best candy on the planet, she introduced me to it. 

    Happy my Friday your Tuesday. Much love, Elizabeth.


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