Sunday, March 19, 2023

Strange Conversations

     Ugh I have to go in Monday to finish a lung cancer case bc of course most of our over 200 blocks (that's a busy day) came after noon so immunostain turnaround same day got fucked. I've lost all hope in getting communication about these mishaps. They always seem to happen on Friday. Thank god my plane to Chicago doesn't leave until Wednesday.

    Crazy story Tina got a call (Wed? Thurs? I've lost track) from a patient that was so angry that her HPV test turned up positive. She was in her sixties, hubs was in his seventies, and they'd only had sex four times in their marriage (yikes). Tina has the patience of Job. Anyway, the OB had told her to call pathology and Pam, head of cytology, had turfed her to Tina of all people. Pam is over the HPV DNA testing. 

    Tina said she was yelling on the phone. I'm having this test repeated and if it is still positive I'm going to come up there with my husband because this makes no sense!! Apparently she also shared with Tina that he had a penile implant. Kimberley quipped she's answering her own questions! He's obviously not using it on her! And we all LOLOL'd. I'm taking that day off, Tina said, and I told her I didn't blame her. You've already done enough.

    I was getting some cheddar scones at Boulevard on Friday and I was telling the story to Scottish Brian and he said I've been getting these really weird texts? I told him my unknown texts have been increasing too. He said let me show you! He proceeded to show me a series of crazy texts. Um, mine aren't like that, I said. That is creepy as fuck. There were girls draped across countertops begging him to text them back. Some were asking how come you don't text me anymore? Where have you disappeared to? Um, mine are just strange stores asking me to reply yes or no to get on the text list. Yours are next level.

    C has been around all weekend we took Senel (I don't know how to spell it it's pronounced Chanel Jack chided me for screwing it up in a text message) from UK out Friday night for Mexican and she's lovely, a theater major - C plans to spend half of the summer with her. This morning I woke up to the laughter of Jack and C and a new friend to me Evelyn. She rooms with Annie West - Kandi's daughter (the one who bought Wordsworth) and is also a theater major.

    I asked her about Cabe. Paul Guthrie, my college bf, was theater. I told her I did a lot of backstage production assistance, it was really fun. Cabe is still around, she said. I told her Mary Ruth Stewart teaches English at UCA and has a feminist theater production in Conway, I just found out about it and started following it on Instagram last week. It is such a small world. 

Oh! Evelyn and C told me they are starting a band. Amygdala (my suggestion) Darlings. I asked Evelyn what do you play? Nothing, she said. I just sing. C too. Me too, I said. Like The Secret Sisters? I asked. She had never heard of them, but loves Gregory Askimov I was impressed with her musical knowledge her parents did well. Happy Sunday, much love, Elizabeth

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