Monday, March 13, 2023

Manic Monday

     Goodness Saturday call sucked. I had a big stack of surgicals and about 9:30 Van brought me a big stack of cytologies he screened. Any of them cancer? I asked. All of them, he said. Ugh. Lots of stains ordered and I worked longer than I have in a while - 4-5 hours maybe if I'm not exaggerating. I told Melody today I haven't had as hard a call Saturday as when I got 13 bone marrows back when I did CP. She visibly shuddered (they most they get is 4-5 these days lucky young ones). Luckily I'm more efficient than I was back then - that was a 12 hour day. But the volume still takes a lot out of you. I slept three hours in the afternoon and left Kim's bday early at Sullivan's after drinks and apps. 

    So this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30 I spent a half hour in existential dread of cleaning up the weekend. Was a little stomach sideways this morning so skipped coffee but the adrenaline of the day supplanted caffeine. Paul Williams called me about a case and I was confused? Thinking in my head I'm on call not cytology. Then I looked at the schedule and saw I was on EV today. On top of over a hundred surgicals and everything else. 

    I went to a bronch at around nine - Cydney. He told me the hx and said he had two more. Normally on call we cover morning frozens and guess what? I was also getting called for frozens running around like a chicken with my head cut off. At around 10 I called Shaver in NLR. Did you mean to have me cover all this? NO! I'm so sorry Michelle took off at the last minute and I am covering her there and I didn't fix the schedule. All good, I said. Get Melody or Quinn to cover frozens, he said. I will if I need to. I'm feeling like Superwoman. 

    When I was placed on my third bronch standby at 11:30 and they called me for more frozens I said Melody. Help. I'm officially in over my head. Of course, she said. You are covering for me, actually. I thought I could got it alone but there was just an add on bronch at 12:30 and I'm swimming/drowing in cancer. I can't do it anymore. 

    Luckily the afternoon was a bit slower but not much there were personal emergency phone calls with friends with medical issues and this happened twice last week and now Monday and I'm happy to help!! Sit in the waiting room. Get cozy with the nurses in post op. Review CT's and path reports. It's my forte, and it makes me proud. But it's been a lot lately. 

    The Oscars finally got it right. Everything Everywhere all at Once, although I watched it a while back, was amazing. The mom daughter scene at the end made me cry. And WTF with the Fabelmans? I was so bored I quit before it was halfway over. And the Banshees of Inisheerin? The beginning was amazing and the acting was so good but it took a psychological turn for the worst that honestly felt abusive and made my stomach turn. 

    Got dinner with Melody and Padma and Laurie at Three Fold this weekend and then Spring Break (finally I need a break) and then a couple of days off bf Chicago. Need the time off. Happy Monday, Much love, Elizabeth

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