Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ice Storms and Right Knees and Orgies

     Good god it's been a couple of weeks. I thought January couldn't get worse than December but my foot is officially in my mouth. Last Tuesday I went and got a much needed pedi after work. It was raining, I was thinking to myself all day. Great time to go. Won't be crowded, no wait. Well that was true. When they put the flimsy pedi flip flops on me they warned. Careful. It's wet, these can be slippery.

    I've been wearing these flip flops for over 20 years and never slipped. Asphalt, fine. Pebbly driveway, no problem. When I pulled up into the driveway I noticed the lights in the garage were on. It was raining heavily. I asked S to open the garage so I didn't have to walk in the rain all the way to the front door. That was my death knell.

    As soon as I hit the smooth cold 1969 concrete garage floor I wiped out hard. So much so I almost passed out and had to lay down for 10 minutes before I could get up - I was seeing stars. When I went to get my ruined front toes repaired the next day (they do this for free, so nice) the woman working told me she always tells her clients to take them off if they are wet in the car before they go in the garage. I had one client break a hip! She said. So PSA to all your loved ones that enjoy pedis. 

    It was functioning, no need for ED, but it hurt so bad. Why don't you take Advil. S said. Good idea, I never think of that. I take it like once or twice a year. The bruise is EPIC. When we checked into the Marriott Courtyard for the ice storm Monday night (one night is best, two ideal, but the third night you kind of go stir crazy and the OR NEVER DIES so I had 11 frozens on Monday and 7 yesterday and I'm not even on call!) I went out the patio door to the non-existent patio to watch for ice and guess what. Fell on my right knee coming in again. It was a soft fall, but I laid there in shame for a few.

    So imagine how terrified I was to walk in the actual ice. Tam and Shay in the Dr Lounge were oohing and ahhing over my bruises from the garage the other day. If I fall this much without ice? My demise seems imminent. I did crack some docs up about my story, so there's that.

    We were coming back to the house today and I checked the mail and a notoriously super cute but creepy vascular surgeon's name was on the envelope. I exclaimed in shock. His wife worked in the dean's office when I went to med school and there were tons of rumors of their escapades. They came to med student parties I hear (I was married to Mike) and recruited marginal women and men for orgies. 

    I told S I think this house was used for orgies. They had destination orgies, Cancun and stuff was rumored, but when I asked about him recently to another vascular surgeon she said that he had moved to another city, new job. This shit is more common than you think. One of my attendings who is now in Michigan said she had to fend off another doc who was preying on her husband. They get the husband, then they get the wife. He was clueless. Her mom had warned her appropriately. 

    I have some fantasies, but orgies are not on the list. We saw Infinity Pool last weekend and it was nuts. Seeing that vascular surgeon's name after so many years made me think of the drug fueled orgy scene. Mia Goth is my new fave actress - her wine fueled diss of her prey on the hood of the car was Oscar worthy. But who recognizes horror. Or minorities. Not the Oscars. You just gotta go with it and keep creating. Even if you feel like you are screaming into a void.

    Also recommend The Lodge (Jack's rec) and kind of brain candying on this stressful week with You People and Dead to Me. Reviving book club this weekend with Amanda and Kewen at Sky on Saturday. Had wonderful reunion bfast at The Root with Carrie and Annika and Jack a couple of Sundays ago we plan to do it again soon. Gonna do a Eureka redux on the 10-12 (last one sucked). Allsop and Chapple is really good - Melody recommended it. That's all I've got for now. Happy Thursday, much love, E

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