Monday, January 23, 2023

Medical Executive Committee

     I hadn't been in a while in person. Autopsy was virtual bc dry heaving and in person presenting don't go very well.  Missed the Christmas party at Yaya's due to ED visit. So it was nice to be there. A lot of financial stuff that makes my mind drift, and the cheesy admin goals that made Ward Gardner pop off so bad Wendell had to check him. Ward was Mike's classmate, I've known him for a long time. He's  a hothead, but he's smart - Chief of ENT. His observations and challenges were astute, but a little disrespectful. I think he forgets he's the only one in the room who isn't under contract with Baptist and gets paid in RVUs. Baden in radiology (they are having as hard a time as we are finding docs), myself, surely the new Peds chief Barr I haven't met yet, all have a little animosity but you gotta play the long game. 

    I saw Mackenzie for the first time in a while and told her that I'd heard the gross room was being completely redone. Jessica already has a shoot for the moon wishlist, I told her, and even though it might not be financially feasible she agreed you should always shoot for the moon. I learned that Angel from Heme (new lab director in LR don't want to short her she's super kind) and Paula lab director are touring the country to look at other tissue labs? I need to be a part of that. They don't know tissue labs like we do. Shaver has already ok'd PTO for this. I am the director of it, among other things. Don't exclude us, I asked Mackenzie. She said I'll keep you in the loop.

    Crazy Monday - cleaning up call cases and fielding a bunch of new ones I think I have calcifications in my neck muscles. We have had such an uproar in our practice family in the past few weeks - more than in my entire tenure here. It's horribly stressful. My therapist said I need to widen my circle back to pre-pandemic. So, to start off, Jack and Annika and Carrie and I met at the Root for Sunday brunch it was lovely to catch up it's been years. Jack and Annika weight lift together and have been trying to make it happen for a few months. I finally took the reins (never give teens the reins) and we had so much fun we plan to do it again soon.

    Also starting a book club back up - we meet February 4 to plan. Starting off small - Amanda Ferrell and Kewen Jauss and Laura Sanders and Kandi West. Kandi was texting a couple of weeks ago - she's the best reader I know - she bought Wordsworth! One of my faves. Carrie Mensik said she is building a new house at the end of Foxcroft Road and wants to start a book club too. Maybe if I can get my health in line I can resume yoga and hiking. Baby steps.

    This weather not weather maybe weather event tomorrow night is stressing me out. Jessica presented a new inclement weather policy in QA last Thursday makes sense and makes things more fair. But I'm getting ready, got gas, got brandy, Jack got food since Med Exec popped up on me unexpectedly. Will get hotel near Baptist if necessary. Cancelled Paula for the immediate future. 

    Unplugged on Sunday on the couch and watched X, which was freaking amazing. The origin story Pearl was a little slow for me but the cinematography was incredible and Mia Goth? Big time acting chops when she did the soliloquy to the sis in law it reminded me of the beginning of My Town. I thought she must be the muse of Ti West but turns out she is married, divorced, and married to Shia LeBouf so they are just collaborators. So hard to find good horror these days, I told Savanna in the gross room this morning. We desperately need new content. There is a new horror movie with Mia in it coming out this weekend - I might just have to make it to the theater. Oh and The Meal - highly recommend. Happy Monday (not on call) much love, Elizabeth

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