Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Thankfully Back to the Grind

     Not that I had a bad holiday, but it was intense. I learned about two things that happened to Cecelia's friends, both that I know and love, that spun me into mental health instability and more GI craziness. One threw me into such PTSD it was all I could do to hang and shop and make lovely memories, which I did, but not without desperate phone calls and texts to Yousef and Paula and Kimberly. All wonderful grounding forces. It's one thing when you read about the ills of the world, which is important to do despite the unpleasantness, but another thing when it hits the young and the innocent. Ones you know.

    Your workspace is grounding as well - it's where you are in control, where you operate at the top of your game. After a day on the couch yesterday reading a novel and watching two movies (that Knives out redux was amazing and Breakfast at Tiffany's surprised me) I told S I was never more ready to return to work. It was busy, and I had a lot of BS CME Board reporting to do at the 11th hour but I managed to pull it off - almost, I still have a little more but not due until January 5 and that seems like a lot of time. To me. Melody is like Cecelia she has to get everything done in advance to stave off the anxiety. I'm like Jack - I work best under time pressure.

    I got a letter from the Patient Safety Officer tonight acknowledging my ED experience. And a text from Mike Perkins, the new Baptist LR CEO (I think? Admin titles elude me). That felt good. I assured Mike minutes ago that writing for me is processing, and based on all the wonderful experiences I have had at Baptist over the years that eclipsed that one I'm moving on. No need to sit down and talk, I told him. I said my piece. See you at the next med exec committee meeting. Enjoy the holidays and your family.

    The Shop Around the Corner was one of the most pleasant holiday surprises. While we were in Florida we were looking for a good holiday movie. Both that one and Bfast at T's had some terrible cultural appropriation but at the time? Probably misguided bc they didn't know any better. Mia, C's friend who spent her entire high school watching movies, recommended it. I will never forget Jack guffawing in my parent's living room. I shared it with S, and C and J shared it with Mike and Rachel. 

    Ugh I looked at my call calendar today and highlighted the rest of the fiscal year, through October. The reason I'm having such a gap is bc I have two weeks in a row three times in the Spring. Yikes! I've hardly ever done two weeks at once. It happens to Melody more often. But I'll buckle up and survive.

    Can't remember if I've mentioned this but we are planning a trip to Basque country in the Spring. My first ever two weeks off in a row. Barcelona, where I will see my high school friend Vicente, then Bordeaux then San Sebastian. I've ordered a ton of books on Basque history and culture, and C has amazing recs. I'm having a little panic over it. When I went to Germany to S's mom's hometown in Bad Herzfeld a few years ago there was no English speaking. It was beautiful, but I sometimes ordered a dish that was fish heads swimming in soup, accidentally. C assured me it was fine, and my brother told me that with all the advances in Google Translate I won't feel so isolated. You can take a picture of the chalkboard menu, and it will automatically translate it. Whew.

    So anyway. Happy Holidays. Looking forward to hosting C's friends this weekend and getting a little R&R the next weekend in Eureka then moving C into Hendrix on the 15th. She is so good. She's finishing her yoga instructor's degree and making all the fam look good with her thrifting at Goodwill. Jack has friends over tonight watching a movie. I'm hoping for a slow down after all of these patients meet their deductibles but who knows? I see new doctor names every day. It's a grind, but a good one. Much love, Elizabeth



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