Monday, November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Week

     Ack I had the kind of a Monday that makes a five day weekend disappear. But oh well. 202 blocks, not a record but close. Lots of breast cancer. And I was brushing up on a case I signed out a couple of weeks ago to present at ENT tumor board tomorrow morning. Low grade mucoep in the parotid with a met good God - to the intraparotid lymph node. Not common, enough so you need to grab the books and show it around. 

    Seems Thanksgiving snuck up on everyone this year. It did Alyssa - she forgot she had planned a dinner Saturday night. We were going to go have a girl's night at her new lake house in Cherokee Village on Thunderbird Lake (there are seven lakes there!) but instead we did a day trip. It was fun - Hardy, which I've never been to, reminds me of a super tiny Eureka. Shopped in an apothecary, an antique store, and a record/boutique shop after having white Russians on her back porch all morning and eating lunch downtown in Hardy. 

    I said no worries about the plans. Things happen for a reason. So I got dinner reservations for S and I at a restaurant two blocks from our boutique - ALL DIGITAL SO WEIRD - hotel Saturday night. Whenever I make hotel and restaurant reservations S worries bc I accidentally sometimes delete important emails (Um, when you get forty a a day in this horrible climate it's easy to do). Friday while we were touring Alyssa's amazing pandemic renovated home, he made me forward him some emails. The key was digital at Intersect 311. You had to download an app to open the door. Gah! Too much work. Give me a freaking key. Interesting concept though. There was no ice, no reception, but a big fridge, and a fancy coffee shop in the basement.

    The Root was Saturday night and we were ordering after listening to the waiter talk about the Ecuador woman and her American husband (or vice versa?) and the gourmet fusion they created in this restaurant - it did not disappoint, although the drinks could have been stronger. Four honey infused Manhattans should have put me under the table but I was only slightly buzzed. A family wandered in and I was admiring the mom jeans on the teenager (only they can rock them) and I saw a familiar face.

    Jessica? Jessica? It's Elizabeth. Lots of big hugs and catching up ensued. Jay Thompson was in my med school class and he's sweet and goofy and we always wondered how he landed the classy as hell and gorgeous Jessica. He gave me a big hug, we talked about studying together long ago - Wayne Lyle and Jon Palmer? I still talk to Jon weekly, he said. You helped us. Kricia decorated my home, I told them. She just sent me an essay this past week she wants to post on KevinMD and I helped edit it and give advice. I see Wayne all the time. Please tell him I said hi, Jay said. Will do.

    The holiday snuck up on me too I thought I would have another weekend to decorate but no. So I did it a week early bc Mike and Effie are driving down from Chicago tomorrow and Cecelia will be home Tuesday. She called me ecstatic this morning with her finance package to Hendrix. She was in NYC the past few days for a psychology conference. God she's growing up. They leave the nest full of confidence and then realize how good they had it at home. I'm happy she will be closer. And it's my alma mater.

    So a week full of family and fun. Work too, unfortunately, but not call. Stopped at Edward's for staple food today and saw Susan McGeorge. Gunti? I asked her. That's what we called her back then. Holy hell. you have not changed. Um, Liz, it's been 15 years? She doesn't practice - stay at home mom. Yeah I haven't seen you since the last med school reunion. It's a theme week. Old friends. I told her about Lys and Jay and Jessica. 

    Mike and Rachel are hosting Thanksgiving for about 20ish people Annie and Dave and Adele and Will and Gretchen and Jason and us. I'm still peeved that our work has us come in the Friday after Thanksgiving but oh well. Baby steps. Iv'e got tons of food coming from Zingerman's - ordered a charcuterie board and pastry basket and cured meats. And the advent calendars are rolling in. Happy Monday, much love, Elizabeth

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