Thursday, November 10, 2022


     About a few weeks ago I decided screw gluten free I'm eating it. Paula's work is making my GI system stronger and while it's not completely healthy it's better than it has been since before the pandemic. Cue Christmas Cookie ice cream, cue pizza, cue Subway. Talk about control/self-sabotage I've been doing it all wrong. My journey this week supported that decision.

    When I decided to start eating bread again I went to Subway, which I have been addicted to since my decision. Right about that time my good friend Amanda who works there disappeared. I was worried. Herman, the guy at Subway who looks twelve and had five kids back then, now six, came back after a two year hiatus. I missed him he was lovely. He courted me back then bragging about their guac, trying to lure me to them from Boulevard. Amanda told him she only comes when she need baked Lays. 

    Amanda is a single mom. She worked at Subway and as a janitor for UAMS. Once she complained about the rash she was getting from the mask, she has very sensitive skin like me, and I promptly went upstairs to my derm clinic and bought her my favorite barrier cream - it's fifty bucks, but it lasts a long time and it really helped her. She gave me a big bear hug that week. I will never forget it. 

    Herman refused to talk about Amanda. So did Donetta, the single mom who works the gift shop and Subway to make ends meet. I finally got the scoop from Scottish Brian. They were trying to make her move to a new location for three months. She needed to be in the same location to do her janitor work, and they weren't accommodating her needs. I was livid. 

    Corporate got nasty with her, and they were stonewalling their employees - telling them not to talk about it, I'm pretty sure. I told Herman and Donetta not to worry, I got the information from Brian, I just want to know if she is ok. When Herman realized I knew a half truth, he finally admitted that Corp was so bad with her that he didn't think she would ever work for them again. Fucking Aholes.

    I went to stand in line for Subway today. A radiologist employee, one I have know for years but I still don't know his name, was in front of me. We started talking about our departments, both being crucified by the system. I joked about his footlong sub, before I realized that I was wrong. He got a flatbread like me. He's super cute, so much so that all the girls in the gross room talk about him.

    About eight years ago I diagnosed his sister with lung cancer. I asked about her for two years every time I saw him. The last time I asked, maybe six years ago, she had passed. I extended my condolences. When I was talking about my six foot plus son and how much he could eat he told me about his 12 and 14 yo nieces and their appetites. The girl who actually ordered the footlong apologetically told me this was her lunch and dinner. No apologies needed, I told her. I only joke about men and never women's food intake.

    Cute rad dude was giving his veggie and sauce orders and I said Jasmine! Did you and April save any of the truffles I gave you yesterday (8 dollars worth, a pittance for me, but April and Jasmine screamed in appreciation I love surprising people) for Herman and Willie? Willie is also new, has beautiful sleeve tattoos, and has been giving me free Subway coupons and free cookies. You smile at me, he said. I love when people smile at me. Herman deadpanned no, Jasmine corrected him - we saved a few for the guys! Only if they deserve it, I said. You are in charge of the candy.

    I told rad guy that Jasmine teases me all the time for not getting meat on my sandwich, just cheese and veggies. He said you are probably in the right. I said no, I'm no saint, I eat meat, but it puts me to sleep and I need to be vigilant for the afternoon work. Rad guy was paying at this point and I heard Herman say $18 something which was a lot for a flatbread I thought, but whatever. I claimed my sandwich as he was walking out the door and tried to pay. He took care of your meal, Jasmine said. You can take it and go.

    I was so surprised I turned as he was leaving and said thank you! You made my day. He smiled and left. I cannot wait to see him again and asked about his nieces and make a better connection. S thinks he did it bc I helped with his sister. I think maybe I surprised him by being kind to restaurant workers (who are treated like shit in our society). Any which way, I'm very flattered.

    Christy was horribly depressed about the midterms but I'm kind of jazzed. Nope, we didn't win, and now we have Sarah fing Huckabee Sanders as our governor (Ack) but overall the red wave didn't happen and that's a good thing. Lucy told me change would take years and I think, Pollyanna me, that we are incrementally moving in the right direction.

    Jack has had a tough week - we watched Merlin tonight. I know you don't believe this, I told him, and you don't have too, but between the lunar eclipse and the full Moon this is a shitty electrical week. My journey taught me to weather it through creativity - writing and singing - two things I'm halfway decent at. So that's what I'm doing. Busy call week, lots of frozens, weird cases, what's new? I feel like a broken record. Glad to have Herman and April and Jasmine and Willie and my work family to support me through it. Happy Friday Eve, Love Elizabeth


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