Sunday, September 18, 2022

Way Off Kilter

     It's been a doozy of a call week, and while I've had hundreds of cases (no exaggeration) I'll tell you about one. Brian and Jamie Burton are a OB/GYN onc duo. I referred a BFF (deeds) to Brian a year or so ago - she'd been seeing midlevels for years (Ugh don't get me started midlevels suck go to a freaking dr.) and he's revolutionalized her life. I don't care if that's a word or not. I made it one.

    Anyway, he had a frozen mid-week. And he's not a normal freezer. But this chick came in with a boggy uterus and he sent a sample of her cervix. Malignant, I said. Maybe Squam? That would be common, but it's horribly discohesive on permanents and I showed Melody bc I was like WTF? Three rounds of immunos later I was texting Jesse on Thursday morning. I can't get anything to stick. Can you help? Are you on service? We do crazy (Cleveland Clinic), he texted back. I'm happy to help.

    Meanwhile Jamie is calling me on the way home from work Thursday telling me she will see this chick on Tuesday. I'm on the way home, she is on the way to a football game. I'm telling her nothing stained but blush synaptophysin which I do not trust as far as I can throw it. Can you call it malignant, so I can get a PET scan? Absolutely, I told her, I'll revise the report ASAP. The ins and outs of insurance are a nightmare I'm happy to accommodate. 

    So honestly that one is up in the air. Along with many other balls I'm juggling right now. My oldest is dealing with a bombshell that was predictable but still. It's eating at my every fraying nerve. As a parent, you want to fix. As an adult mom, you just support. And that can be really rewarding but really hard. Give me back my toddlers, ASAP.

    After call Saturday (creating ten more cases for me to tie up on Monday) I came home to lovely Jack in a crunch creating multiple meals for he and his non-binary friend Rory (I spilled the news to his Dad last week on the phone and Jack is grateful. We are testing patriarchy and I think he might be chameleon enough to jump on board) to got to Ozark for a music festival of cover bands I think? With C and her friend Leila they were camping I cannot wait to hear about it.

    Jack was making chicken fried rice and homemade banana bread muffins from scratch and trying to get out the door by one which changed to 2 bc he slept in. My contribution was cleaning the kitchen. I told S, can you imagine? Any teenager preparing this much for a small town music festival? If he did all this for me - I tasted the CFR it was mouth melting - I'd invite him to every freaking music festival for the rest of my life. 

    So Christy's French lover turned out a dud. Those French guys do have a tendency to be an ass. But, she found a new guy on social media. Her friend Hayley told her if she want so date she has to get on social media so she doesn't look like a serial killer. Good advice. She's now with a guy Trey, who is as emotionally supportive as he is fun in bed, which is really important. Much more so, IMO. He's also from Harrison, and the mom's know each other, which is cute as can be they talk about the relationship in the local grocery.

    We had them over last night. Grilled, I remember that, but I tapped out early and we still have a key lime pie in the fridge I feel guilty about bc I never presented it. Maybe eat some tonight. Happy Sunday. I was born on a Sunday. Much love, Elizabeth

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