Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Queen Bee

     It's already a Friday on a Tuesday good lord. Two twelve hour days in a row - I'm not used to that on call. I realize that I've been getting lucky - I've pounded out the Jan-June Q/A and started working on July today - and I see all the late frozens that mostly Shaver and Nelson are getting stuck with and thinking in the back of my head that I must have a call angel on my shoulder but no. Karma came around last night with a late brain frozen, probably metastatic breast cancer but we won't find out until tomorrow bc it was too late to process.

    Today I walked into the gross room assessing the afternoon - I had dinner plans with Noah's caretaker Ms. Candy - we have been planning this for two years and she had to postpone last week bc they all got Covid. When I told her that Notorious Freezer Sims was supposed to start at one but he didn't until four and he wanted frozens on both cases could we postpone again until next Tuesday? She said sure the case I just walked in to probably needs more attention so it works out good for me too. Maybe I told you, she's a social worker for the government she does sexual assault intake (holy hell of a job) and is a single mom of two and takes care of Noah. I'm dying to get to know her.

    Between five and seven Sims sent six frozens and it was doable. You always think and reflect and overthink - like last night on the way home from the brain - could that have been an epitheliod meningioma in disguise? Sims' last case today was a 3 cm neck mass in an older lady - number one two and three dx is squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck of occult etiology but I was underwhelmed. I favored a branchial cleft cyst, but I don't see them very often so I was consulting Melody's frozen section book as he was googling lymphoepithelial cysts on his phone. I showed him the gross, it also did not fit for metastatic cancer at all - a cystic mass with motor oil colored goo all over the cutting board. See? I said? If this was met SCC it would be hard, defined, scirrhous. Stellate. You know what I mean? He agreed. Think I'm going to stop now and close, he said. That's safest for now, I replied.

    Luckily my children are still cooking away - they plan homemade sushi for tomorrow (that was a helluva long stressful grocery trip on Sunday morning) but I've frozen a few perishables bc they got invited to see Pine Grove in NO with C's friend Ainsley - they play tonight. They also saw them at the Rev Room last Saturday. They should be back tomorrow but I don't want to hold them to it. Last night C had made homemade tomato soup. Jack was underwhelmed and wanted me to add chicken bouillon on the sly. I said absolutely not she wants me to taste it as she made it. As I was eating it she described roasting the tomatoes and pureeing them. Very garlic forward, I told her. Yes! I used garlic and onions. Jack said he could not taste them. I lowered my voice. Maybe Jack is frying his taste buds with all these spicy foods. If any vampires come around tonight, I'm well protected. She smiled, pleased.

    Jack was kvetching over the four almost rotten bananas he just bought a couple of days ago. What are you going to do with rotten bananas? Well you know what I used to do, I said, make banana bread. Chocolate chip. Of course he remembered, especially when I accidentally burned it on South Lookout and they covered it with bandaids. C had eaten all the chocolate chips but he decided to make banana muffins for the New Orleans trip and he added some nutmeg and they were fabulous.

    Remember the bathroom series from a year or so ago? Well, I've been using the one they remodeled and left open bc it was fit for public consumption in contrast to the lab one. I correctly surmised that they added an overflow ED across from the lab and so we have traffic. The one of two stalls I've been using is OUT OF ORDER so this morning I used the other one, forgetting why I abandoned it in the first place.

    The flushing. My goodness. I did a courtesy one, even though I was the only one in the room (courtesy to me) and it went on and on and on. Way longer than before. And the water was hot and viciously flushing - it wasn't really a bidet? But felt like a steam bidet. After lunch I decided to time it it was so ridiculous. One minute, thirty six and .07 seconds. Isn't that crazy? I told Kimberly. I mean, what all is that contributing to our climate issues? She LOL'd. You are adorable Dr. Seng. Not sure about that, but we shared the story with Tina and I showed her my phone timer and she laughed too.

    Many years ago I became addicted to NYT Spelling Bee. Before the crossword, which I used to do religiously but I just am not finding the time or inclination these days. I introduced my dad and husband to it, and they play too. It changed a few years ago - and got a lot harder with weird words. Before that I used to think the highest honor was genius, and reveled in getting it pretty easily every day. Then my dad taught me about Queen Bee, and looks at the hints every day, and gets it. Even S got it once a few months ago. Frustrating me to no end, bc I have never gotten Queen Bee.

Last night waiting on brain frozens I FINALLY GOT QUEEN BEE!!!! I was so excited it eclipsed my exhaustion - I had a nice weekend but maybe slept too much? Very low energy yesterday. Luckily it was better today. I'm four words short of Queen Bee today but I'm ok with that. I tried to cheat last night with Scrabble scramble stuff online but that didn't work I had to intuit the last word. So it was a true all me queen bee. I told the kids last night they had to call me Chief Queen Bee. LOL. Happy Tuesday, much love, Elizabeth

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