Saturday, August 13, 2022

Nude Photos

     This call week has been hell, culminating into today, which just created more work for Monday. I have never had a stack so high on a Saturday. Thankfully, it was doable. Now it's pool time and I can finally relax but it was a long time coming.

    This is so funny. I was looking up a heart transplant rejection patient this week, I'm on call, we get those on AP call, it can be exhausting, they do the biopsies to rule out cellular and vascular rejection. Most are none or mild - super easy, but occasionally once a year you get a tanking patient and it's a doozy. Anyway this was not hard, very routine, but I always like to look up the patient to make sure they are ok, ya know, clinical correlation. Ejection fraction, whatnot.

    I was alarmed reading about one guy who was complaining about peeing all night long (dude needs a TURP) and asking the interventional cardiologist for a refill of his Cialis (card said ask your PCP for that please) and then the next paragraph? LOLOL Wife told doc that someone in the community had alerted her to the fact that he was sending nude pics to women and after two therapy sessions that seemed to have abated. For now. No more vast sums of money or social security numbers given to random women. 

    I took a screen shot without identifiers and sent to partners and gross room. WTAF? Is IV card getting into psych? This man got a new heart did he get a new lease on life with this? I have never gotten this much information researching a heart bx for rejection. This goes down in your permanent record. Don't get so distressed. Did I happen to tell you I'm a mess. Sorry. Sidebar.

My birthday is coming up! Christy is throwing a huge brunch party on the 28th since we will be in Eureka on the 20th. I shared 15 contacts with her - mostly women but Jack and S are invited too. It's gonna be at Yaya's, I've heard their brunch is amazing and I've never done it so I'm super excited. C scheduled Sullivan's next Wednesday at 6:30 since she can't be there for the brunch. Their cocktail menu looks incredible I'm dying to try some of the drinks. Happy Saturday, Much love, Elizabeth

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