Monday, July 4, 2022

Placenta Crew

    The gross room was deluged this week. We at PLA are experiencing bomb shells daily and our company same same. I got a little sideways with Jessica in the middle of the week but she plugged in and they were working their asses off every time I stopped by Thursday and Friday. But it looked like they were treading water/running up a down escalator. The countertops in the gross room looked like someone really hungry had gone to Kroger for the first time in a month. THIS IS CONWAY. Jessica said when I stopped by Friday afternoon. THIS IS HEBER. It's never been like this, I said. Bob is off next week, so they let him go at 3:45, but there was still a massive amount of work. 

    Jessica said that Bob lamented why are we working so hard? But there is still so much work to do? Makes no sense. I told her we pathologists feel the same at PLA. Their income is fixed, ours is fluid based on bill collections, so we have been taking a hit ever since I was hired to protect them, our family. Saturday I texted Jessica and Savanna, who were frankly overwhelmed. When are you coming in. I will help you. 

    So we planned to meet at 8am to noon today and I was kind of excited really I haven't grossed since residency. There are things you turf when shit gets crazy. Placentas are one of them. Breast reductions too. So there were over 20 placentas they couldn't get to this week. I said no worries, family canceled at the last minute (thank God) I'll come in Monday morning and help.

    We wasted 20 minutes trying to get me in the system and I said let me just write down the weights and the measurement and the cord measurements on a piece of paper and y'all can dictate once I get the sections in the cassette. I worked Bob's station. His sink SUCKS. At one point I asked Jess for help - placentas are the bloodiest specimens on the planet and after you do a couple, much less 20, it looks like a murder scene.

    She ran the disposal which was frighteningly far away and LAWD. The shitbucket smell surfaced. Placentas may be bloody as hell, but at least they don't smell bad. She got the virus x spray and the industrial odor eater and about ten minutes later I was able to approach the sink without dry heaving. Jess said they probably need maintenance to change his p trap too. Then I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It was cathartic. Bob and Savanna's station have never looked so good. At one point I was scrubbing dribbled blood counterside and Jess was like Liz? You didn't do that. But it's fun to get it up. I miss this, I told her. Call me anytime you get behind on a weekend. 

    I was texting them poolside today. So appreciative they came to work on a holiday weekend. Feel like I got some street cred today, I told them. When you've got a sinking ship, you need all hands on deck. We are not exactly sinking, but we've got some serious things to address. Planning lunch with Mackenzie, our new admin, on Wednesday. We need to plug in to admin, however crazy it is right now. Dad is good counsel here. Leaving LR to see them next Saturday after a thankfully short week. Hopefully Noah and Jack won't stink up the car too bad. Happy 4th, much love, Elizabeth.

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