Monday, June 20, 2022

Post Vacay Call Monday/Summer Solstice Eve

     Wasn't too bad. Managed to get in my quarterly stupid ABP questions and buy a gift for my OT friend Jessica whose baby shower I will miss because I work on Saturday. Just finished transferring my tumor board pics (five cases to present at 7am) from Cecelia's old busted phone to my phone to my computer to my jump and renamed them to prevent game time confusion - usually I only present one or two cases so can keep up with the IMG numbers but not with five. One of them is acinic cell carcinoma of the parotid which is super rare and beautiful. Large cells with small nuclei and powdery blue cytoplasm - they look just like normal salivary gland but there are too many and there is no admixed ducts and adipose tissue. I got a great pic of it side by side with normal gland I can't wait to show it tomorrow. Rest is run of the mill squamous cell but I still try to make it entertaining. Get that perineural invasion shot. Here it is spilling out of a lymph node - extracapsular extension. Cancer sucks, but I try to make it fun. Much easier when you don't have a face to match to a microscopic image.

    Week off was much needed and I even found some energy to exercise a bit. Jack and Noah are really fun to hang out with. Ms. Candy and I joke about their bromance. They roughhoused a little too much into the hotel TV - I was so proud they confessed that I said let's just play this one by ear, not say anything, and not ruin our last day with worry about it. I once again marveled over their massive intake. The vents in the bathrooms were terrible - we had lots of fart and smelly shit jokes going around and I was glad I had brought a candle bc teenage boys can really smell up a suite.

    I did my first escape room - Noah's too - and we got out 10 minutes early it was so fun and everyone contributed to save the world from the next virus. It's the only picture I have - the venue took it - extreme fake background cheesiness and I sent it to all my family. Noah and I were lording it over Jack and S - they are 50-50 in their four escape room experiences and we are batting 100.

    A funny thing happened on the way back - we stopped at a Subway in Palestine for lunch. Jack was asking some question and filling out a Subway survey as he was eating - I was rolling my eyes asking why? Everyone wants you to rate everything I never do that it's a time sink. Turns out as he was leaving he went up to the server to show her his code the survey filling got him a free cookie. I put the two and two together as he was asking the server her opinion. I want an oatmeal one, he said, but how is the strawberry cheesecake? I've never had that one. What would you choose?

    He was so grateful when she offered him the two for free I thought he was going to pass out. Thank you so much! I was going to share with my friend but now I can share more. I can't believe you did that you are so kind. As we were walking out I suggested the bathroom and when he handed Noah the cookies we smiled and rolled our eyes at Jack as he headed to the men's. Noah has had a few girlfriends, so he's a little more experienced. I LOL'd as we climbed into the car. Noah, you and Jack are the kind of faces to the world that can just smile at a girl, no less be kind and value her opinion, and you will get all the cookies. He laughed, and when Jack climbed back in the car marveling at his good fortune Noah laughed and said its cause ur hot dude. Delivered that message with an arm punch.

    Jack was carrying around a poetry book all week Richard Siken maybe? The one I got for his bday. I was so impressed when he had me read one of them and gave me his take. For someone without a relationship he had an incredible interpretation of the events - his empathy never ceases to surprise me. He informed me that poetry is something you need to read one or two and digest over a few days, not like a novel. I'm way too impatient for that, I told him, but I love hearing your interpretation.

    Was supposed to go to Table 28 for dinner tonight with a candidate but her flight got canceled. Along with 19,000 since Thursday. Reinforced my decision to travel by car this summer - Noah and Jack are coming with us to see Mom and Dad in a couple of weeks. Even Pete what's his last name how do you pronounce it how do you spell it beats me but I like him Zoomed the heads of the airlines to complain. I read a day later his flight got canceled and he had to drive from DC to NY or vice versa. At least they didn't charter a bus, I thought as I read. That he had to puke in the driver's trash can on. At 3am. For the cost of a plane ticket to Paris (can you tell I'm still bitter?) If the secretary of transportation can't get favored we are all doomed. I think the candidate (her name is Elise) found another flight we meet her tomorrow and rescheduled the dinner for tomorrow night. Fingers crossed. Happy Monday, much love, E.


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