Saturday, June 4, 2022

Mass Chaos

     When I came into work one morning this week and saw there were Tulsa shootings at a hospital I freaked out. Tulsa recently came to inspect us for our CAP inspection, and although I didn't know the head guy, he said his partner was the internet meme notorious Anne Herdman Royale.  I've known her online for almost a decade. Messaged her on Insta. Yes, she said, that is my hospital, he killed two orthopedic surgeons one of whom is a Saint (the targeted one) and I am soo over this. Her cytotech was in the waiting room as one of the next patients to see the surgeon who was killed, and luckily wasn't the unfortunate patient who was in the way of the docs. Sending healing love, I said, no thoughts or prayers.

    And WTF happened in Texas? I was reading the NYTimes this morning and apparently the small six member police team went in first and after two officers got grazed by bullets big boss man delusional style turned an active shooter situation into a hostage negotiation? While big bad wolf was eating children and women they were trying to call him? Poor itty bitty scared officers built a vast perimeter while children were stuck under dead teachers and one survivor managed to call 911 twice - one call 13 minutes another 17 while armed police were holding back parents with audible shooting. SMH. Some border patrol finally got fed up after an hour (and many more life losses than were necessary) and got janitor keys and despite the fact they were ordered not to go in they did and killed him. 

    Big boss man was silently sworn into City council after the shootings and I honestly hope he goes the way of Anthony Weiner and Harvey but we elected Trump? And apparently the NYTimes even worships Elon Musk enough to cover the shit out of him. And the whole world even my best friends are excited about the new Top Gun? Tom Cruise ugh. So who knows which way that flag will fall. It's a mystery.

    We had a going away party for a micro lab tech who has been with us for 17 years. Bradley is moving to Indianapolis to be with his cousins. We got on the discussion of shootings. Everyone was surprised there was one at the zoo last weekend. A 7 year old was killed, I said. Not sure if she was inside or outside the zoo but my friend Christy knows someone who was at the petting zoo and tons of shots were fired they all barricaded in a bathroom where some unfortunate individual was taking a massive dump. Eww. I tried to read about it but it was essentially buried by the police as an isolated incident. Isolated incident my ass.

    One of the techs Marla who lives outside of LR said that at their shooting drills at her kids school (elementary age) the teacher keeps soup cans in the closet and trains the kids to throw the soup cans at the shooter. I rolled my eyes and had to backtrack a bit bc it doesn't do good to bring up politics at work. I can see how giving children an actionable thing to do might empower them, I said. In my mind I was like holy hell. Soup cans against AR-15's. This is their solution. Might have been better for those Texas kids to have had a bunch of soup cans than a freaking massive police force. I told my transcriptionist Tina after the Tulsa debacle we had better bring some freaking soup cans to work.

    I had another student shadow this week Lawren she was amazing had a ton of questions and wants to be a pediatrician so I threw in lots of stories about my dad and had Jessica talk to her a lot about the logistics of baby autopsies and miscarriage handling (the hospital does it very well with lots of time for mom to hold baby and pics and handprints and footprints. The one time in training I got held up doing an autopsy bc mom wanted to hold her child a bit longer I was like hell let her hold as long as she wants I'll wait forever this is not an inconvenience to me).

    Met with new admin Mackenzie on Friday and gave her a tour of PLA - she was as fascinated as the premed students about the gross room and played with a brain so long she thanked us for indulging her. Looking forward to developing a relationship with her - we had some good convos about inherent ageism in the system. Her grandmother who is sharp as a tack is recovering from stroke and is at BHRI I told her all about my dad and his ordeal and empathized. Ageism, racism, sexism, we are fighting a huge battle but pollyanna me thinks we will still win. Happy Saturday, Much love, E.

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