Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bad News Friday

     They say if you are going to deliver some terrible news, it makes sense to do it on a Friday so people have a weekend to recover. Not sure who said that, but makes sense. Yesterday everyone delivered all the bad news on Friday. First, it was RVW - expected, but a blow nonetheless while surfing the news on the toilet around 9 or 10 am. I think it was rather fitting that I was on the toilet when I read that shit. Hopefully we can unify and vote and right this wrong ASAP. Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, sexual assaulters deciding the fate of victims of the male orgasm? I think not.

    Then I learned I didn't get a quarterly bonus. Whine, whine, I'm doing fine but I count on those they are always delivered but bc we changed the billing system this Spring (major overhaul) there was a stall in collections so they decided on the board the other day to either issue a small one next month or pool it in October. Was counting on that to pay off summer trips to family I put on the credit card. No big deal really, I've got plenty in my miserly savings but it's the principle.

    Then Melody texted us at 3:45. CARTI, who we have great relationships with the docs and we have been doing their tumor boards for years, decided to make all the local path groups bid for exclusivity since they are building a new surgery center. We split services with SVI and tried to get them to join us in a joint bid but that didn't work out for unknown reasons (at least to Melody and I) so we bid separately. CARTI was supposed to get to us in two weeks but it took two months (hung jury we were told) and Melody, who worked her ass off for this, got a freaking email (can't you pick up the damn phone and give us the respect we deserve) that we lost.

    So all that happened yesterday and I got home to discover that S, in true BMD (bad mom docs) hubs style had installed a pond air conditioner (for the fish!) over four hours and a cover that completely ruined the aesthetics of the pond, which we are currently building an arbor for. I had kept my Pollyanna on all day at work but that was the straw that broke the camel's back I nearly lost my shit. Went to the grocery for gluten free bread and collapsed on the steering wheel.

    On the way back up the hill I frantically called Christy and she didn't answer but thank God Alyssa did (talk me off of a ledge!) and she thankfully prevented my from holding my poor hub responsible for all the bad news I had received that day. She put kind words into my mouth to address the pond situation, which I needed bc I was about ready for a divorce I was so ridiculously projecting. When your anger goes there, it's tough to rein in. 

    Today the glaring white cover for the A/C (how bad was the A/C, I wondered, that the glaring white Container Store cover is a bonus?) is dressed in cute burlap, the compromise we made last night before I vented about my day. Tomorrow I got tix to Menopause the Musical at Murray's for me and Kim and Christy. Christy has plans to have us over at 10 before the 11 lunch pre-matinee to make homemade paper fans to match our t-shirt summer dress outfits (her idea, she has all the stuff, LOLOL in my crazy call week). We need paper fans for the menopause musical for our hot flashes! Indeed we do. Emory, the star, one of Laurie's BFF's from Atkins, told me she would come to our table and say hi so I'm already feeling super excited about it. Laurie and Savanna went they said it was hilarious.

Happy Saturday, Much love, E

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