Monday, May 30, 2022


     It's been too long. MaryGrace had a birthday in May. So did Erica and Jessica but they couldn't make it on Saturday night, but Christy and Kimmie and MG and Pati did so it was a blast. I don't think I've been open yet about MG - that's what we girls do we protect each other when the shit goes down. 

    She has been a pilot at Falcon Jet her whole life. Love seeing pics of her flying at sunset but that is an extremely misogynistic company she fought it her whole career. A bunch of French guys who are young and full of brass - she mentored some of them despite their inadequacies. She saved one from a DUI a few years ago (why the hell is anyone in this day and age not capitalizing on UBER). She stood up with alarmingly cold office temps. She tolerated a co-worker telling her at a Wild River Country office event that she needs to cover up her boobs (she doesn't, they are amazing, screw him but why would anyone bring that up at a company sponsored event? In front of her co-workers. Such BS).

    MG doesn't tolerate bullshit and she is smart as hell - She just turned 41 this year and she has a 19 year old Dom who is at ASU and a middle school aged kid Annika with her amazing husband Sharif and an engineering degree? So she's kind of a rock star. She's not a typical girly girl but she can do home projects and engineer the hell out of anything. She doesn't suffer fools. So when she went AWOL on a subordinate last fall it was just bark? Anyone who knows her know she has no bite. She's an excellent co-worker and Mom. All the guys who respected the hell out of her fell on deaf ears. Many have since left the company.

    That fing wimpy white male went to HR and without interviewing her or her trusted colleagues corporate fired her out of the blue. Unceremoniously and unapologetically. It was a big gossipy ordeal. We took her out to throw hatchets to support her, and encouraged her to fight it with a lawyer. Sometimes it's easier to just back down, bc the system is clearly against you. She chose that path. The easier one. (Like Annie, like so many women I know who get fucked by the system). Jacked her knee up skiing on Spring Break. Finally got the brace off and started a new job last month. Some sort of smart as hell QC at an engineering company. 

    I'm making the same money, she told me. It's ok. But being a pilot that gets denoted to a desk job? That's got to be tough, I empathized. I don't miss all the toxic male bullshit, she said, but I do miss that thrill. Thanks for hosting this. Hell I didn't do anything. Christy had all the decorations and everyone else brought food it was easy. We need to do this more often. I miss pre-pandemic us. 

    Short week coming up. I feel like I've been off for two weeks it is super relaxing need to do this again next Spring. Cecelia face timed me yesterday she is getting into her summer groove and Jack is doing well so my world is happy. We find out this week if we get the CARTI contract pins and needles there. I was going to advertise for a job in PMG on FB but Melody has two excellent candidates - we are interviewing one at the end of June. Fingers crossed. Happy Memorial Day, much love, E.

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