Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Crazy busy

     But I'm off until after Memorial Day so that's good. Just got my ducks in a row Kimmie and her daughter Liv and I are leaving for Halsey at around 1:00 tomorrow. I paid for tix and a room at the Embassy Suites in exchange for her driving my Jeep and Kim's a good driver. She is Christy's other BFF and she is a gem I'm looking forward to getting to know her and her daughter better.

    Sedona was a bit of a wash - I was sick the whole time and we canceled all of our dinner plans. Stayed on LR time so we were up every day at 6am and in bed by seven or eight sleeping 11-12 hours a night. What a great place for R&R - we were Creekside and I had two long overdue sessions with Lisa while S hiked. I managed a little shopping and an easy Jeep tour but not much else. The Grand Canyon day on Monday was a bust for me. I was hugging the tour van window to stave off dizziness and nausea. 

    When there is an abyss, it sometimes frightens me. I feel l can't get too close or I will fling myself, and everyone else, off of the edge. And the Grand Canyon is quite the abyss. Thank goodness that razed detail shop on Cantrell is finally building a retaining wall every time I drove by it on the way home I felt like my car would uncontrollably head off into the woods. Making me panicky. I remember going to the rooftop at the Crescent years ago imagining myself the young unwed mother (it used to be a home for those) who jumped to her death. I thought it was just me, but I read this is a common fear (Halsey spoke of it in a Rolling Stones interview). 

    On the way back from Sedona we were worried about getting to Flagstaff from Denver bc last Friday it dropped from 90 to 30 and lots of snow was expected. Denver was spared, but we saw snow from the plane right outside of the metropolis. We congratulated ourselves when our plane, which was an hour late, made it in time to board the one to Little Rock and when we watched our bags get loaded from the window we were ecstatic. 

    Didn't check the weather in LR, though, and when we reached it we made a sharp turn. We were diverted to Tulsa bc of the thunderstorms. They held us hostage for 2.5 hours in the vacant apocalyptic airport with only two vending machines for sustenance promising that we would be able to fly back as soon as the weather passed. When they put snacks out at 11 pm and I saw the pilots heading out I got worried.

    At 11:30 we were promised that we would have a flight out at 9am the next day. Yes (food and wine), I said, and asked the solo gate attendant if we could get our bags so we could go to the hotel we just booked, a Hilton Garden Inn, near the airport. She told us to hold on 15 minutes. Well that was 400 dollars down the drain bc she said bc of the PGA tour they couldn't find a block of rooms so they rented two charter buses to take us to Little Rock starting at midnight. Four hours on the road. I'm never flying United again. We paid enough money to go to freaking Paris and I end up on a charter bus at midnight. Wish I had Christy's money I'd fly private for the rest of my life.

    I was having stomach cramps and had totally lost my Pollyanna mentality - told S across the aisle of the uncomfortable crowded bus that he had better get some sleep bc I wasn't going to be able to. After a quick stop at a Love's in small town AR (who knew that Love's were so busy at that time) I had confided to S that I almost puked twice so he alerted me to the trash can by the driver. A half an hour later I asked him to get it for me and hurled cough drop juice for a few minutes all the while thinking I was in a new terrible state of Hell. 

    Luckily I was feeling better on Sunday - we went to Rennie's silks recital at 2:30 (she was charming) and then had a blended family send off for C - she is spending the summer in San Sebastian Spain on her scholarship dime and then visiting her friend Caroline in Denmark. So much braver than I was at her age. She's a little homesick but she made it there safe - texted us a 4:30 am. Her host family is lovely. I was on pins and needles Monday until she got to New York to meet her sponsor and the other kids that will get immersive Spanish lessons. 

    Med exec committee lasted until almost 7 last night and I had to present two cases at ENT tumor board at 7am. Stern and Sims were in rare form cracking us all up and I made everyone laugh joking about margins on a rhinectomy that Sims chased to no avail. I would have had to take an eye to get around that tumor, he quipped back. My pics, which I was too tired to edit last night so they had that weird planet orb I apologized for, were a big hit. The IT guy even said I should never edit again they were so crisp and amazing. Theo, the radiologist, was a sweetheart to run my jump's show and when I showed the p16 stain I thought Stern was going to have a coronary he was so excited.

    Met a new minority estem student today - Anabellen. She's from Jonesboro. She had some holes in her reasoning based on lack of experience but was clearly on top of her shit - she had things all worked out as a senior in college that I didn't realize until I was a senior in med school. Striving for a work life balance - and I assured her that pathology was the ticket for that. Already realizes that academics can be ego boosting but is a sinkhole for being overworked and underpaid. Quinshell is clearly sending me girls at the top of their game. If they weren't - I'd have to make excuses to end this. Excited to meet Lawren soon.

    The strangest thing happened today. I left work, remembering where I parked my car after tumor board, and got into my Jeep. It wouldn't start - kept asking me to use the key fob, which I dutifully searched for at the bottom of my purse. Still nothing, but I heard another car beeping and starting a couple of spaces down.

    Holy shit, I was in the wrong new Jeep someone had left the doors open. I was so mortified I rushed into my own. When I was halfway home near Mississippi and Cantrell I realized I didn't have my phone. Good god I left it on the seat in the other random Jeep in the Dr. lot. I rushed down Mississippi at 65 MPH and luckily got to the Dr. lot to find their Jeep still there unlocked and my phone in the driver's seat. What a scary adrenaline rush. Hoping to sleep in tomorrow - the show doesn't start until 7 and I need to make it past the opening acts. Happy Friday to me! Much love, Elizabeth


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