Sunday, April 3, 2022

This Week Has Been a Year

     How do I even start explaining the call week from hell? It definitely begs wine. It started off with late frozens (this was diagnosed as a collision tumor between an atypical fibroxanthoma and a melanoma in situ can you read margins?) and med exec committee at Trio's on Monday. Mandee begged me to sit by her, Joseph Hackler was at my other end. He is Christy's cardiologist, and when I told him she chartered a PJ to Vegas for us at the end of the month he stood at proper attention. We need to keep her in good health. I nodded, yes I agree.

    Mandee gave a 30 minute presentation on safety (Troy Wells left but was like - these things aren't for agendas on dinner nights out who is responsible for this - Anthony Bennett of course) and it all came down to a ditch in Saline County near Sonic. There is apparently a Facebook page with 9800 members covering this ditch. Kathy Parnell said she has been in the ditch; she gets a big gulp at the beginning and end of her every day. There is a ditch t-shirt. There is also a Subway ditch in Jonesboro. Long story short, Sonic has been trying to fix the ditch but Arkansas highway department is stalling. So safety can't happen unless your governing bodies are willing. 

    I had a case of the decade! 29 year old with gut pain and BRBPR (bright red blood per rectum) was being worked up for inflammatory bowel disease after failing improvement over treatment for infectious colitis. Sven Hida was the interventional GI - I received his call the next day and told him our working diagnosis. Kaposi's Sarcoma of the gut. Sent out HHV8. Do an HIV. He texted me at three that it was positive. His description on endoscopy - mucosal islands and mounds - perfectly matched the unusual zebra presentation and the articles I had printed online of rare case presentations. Quinn told me it was a frequent flyer diagnosis in the eighties. At least in the skin. Not so much now. Especially in the gut.

    Another work meeting Wednesday night in the private room at Cheer's (two in one week?) was a helluva lotta fun and there's some possible merging in the works but it's too early to talk about. Still exciting as hell. Oh I met Anna's bf on the sixteenth floor of the Regions building (what a view!) and it was a bit shaky and anticlimactic bc I got stuck for 10 minutes in the rickety old parking deck elevator and my hands and feet were still numb from a near panic attack. 

    Jessica got stuck in an elevator at Baptist for an hour with a cart full of placentas and she got to know her other party - a visitor - quite well. Christy got stuck on her condo elevator with Sonny years ago when he was a puppy. She screamed until a neighbor going to the hospital heard her. The fire department told her to stand back - it's a really small elevator, she said. There is not much room to do that. Mine was 1960's horror movie honestly and when I finally got off I hugged concrete and breathed a sigh of relief. Hands and feet still numb when I met Alex but a big glass of ice water helped.

    Watching Severance it was harder for me to get into than S. He loves the aesthetics for me it was kind of like Girl With the Dragon Tattoo when is this going to take off? But it did and it's addictive now. Looking forward to a hopefully day off before a new work week. Getting lots of calls to take pics of the Kaposi's in the gut. Someone wants to write it up. Sigh. That's why I exited academia, to get rid of all that shit. But I'll do what they want - take pics on my iphone. Make people happy. Sunday sleep in day that's my plan. Much love, Elizabeth.

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