Monday, April 18, 2022

The Princess and the Pea

     What a Monday. Back on EV, and there was a deluge of body fluids on top of 107 blocks of surgicals. I wished I had taken an extra beta blocker this morning the work was coming so hard and fast after 10:00 (slow start) I got chest pain. At least I had time to mail Cecelia a belated Easter package and Christie Cobb's care package she gave Jack. Christie went up to Fville a couple of weeks ago and spoke at a SHOO event I was not able to Zoom in bc of call but thanked her in text over the weekend. She told me she is the first person in Arkansas to be getting a fellowship in sexual health and intimacy issues. So proud of your daughter, cannot wait to see her rise. The field is wide open. She sent her a Viva the Vulva t-shirt C will be tickled pink. 

    I also sent Mia some treats - Jack said Harper had miscounted the RKS tickets and she tried to give her's to Mia but Mia declined and drove them there and picked them up instead. Mia deserves treats. She and I went shopping at the Farmer's Market in Fayetteville weekend before last with C and it was lovely. I came across and black female owned stall selling candles at the market - also advertised they were LGBTQ friendly so I bought six candles. The most amazing smells. Nordic Night. Black Sea. Patchouli, which makes me think of my mom, bc she always wears it as her perfume. Candles by Whitney, and they have real gold flakes and are affordable and they have an online presence I will use for gifts. I've got Black Sea going right now and it fills up the room.

    At around 2 I was pushing glass so fast a shard of slide broke off and wedged itself into my palm. Hurt like the devil. Lots of sensory receptors in the palm and sole and I hit one hard - first I thought I was bit by a bug but glass makes more sense. I asked the secretaries if they had tweezers - they did not, and I got all sweaty and almost passed out. Tina ran to the gift shop to get some and Kimberly sat me down in my office and turned my fan on and got me some water. A few minutes later they got a flashlight and located the tiny piece of glass - so tiny I felt ridiculous - and extricated it. My palms were so sweaty a band aid seemed like a bad idea but Kimberly got some tape and managed to staunch the blood so I could keep working.

    Work is so crazy. We are in the middle of working on a bid for CARTI against some of the local groups and thank god Melody and Michelle are spearheading but we all have to put some work in. It's due Friday - and they are having two-three hour meetings twice a week in the evening with our business and marketing managers to put it all together. So I have extra incentive to get my work done so I can help Melody and Michelle. Without them we would never have gotten this together, but we had to form a subcommittee because when all of us pathologists get together the talk gets circular and nothing gets done.

    But this time next week I'll be in Vegas! Got reservations for Mizumi on Sunday night and Ahmad and his wife are joining us at one of their fave spots Esther's Kitchen on Tuesday. When I told Ahmad what I'd managed for Monday he said with your permission I will get you reservations at The Cut by Wolfgang Puck I know the GM. His polite way of saying that restaurant sucks. He's such a gentleman, and I really need to cancel the one I made Monday so hopefully things will lighten up a bit so I can get to that and some bills. We are all drowning at PLA. It doesn't help that my GI issues have resurfaced with a vengeance, so my energy level is low.

    I looked up at the schedule at one point this afternoon, in between sending out a guy's heart biopsy who's not doing well to Mayo for ATTR and AL testing on the paraffin block and sending out another testicle to Jesse. Two testicles in one month! I told Staggs. What are the odds. Strange spindled cell lesion in an 87 year old I found an article telling me how to work it up and he said, you have wasted too much time on this testicle already. Sarcoma, NOS. Send it to Jesse with a block. I realize that, I told him, but I'm a little manic with all I'm doing. His insurance supports out of state consults so it is gone.

    Anyway, I discovered I am not on call again until late June whew. So relieved. A bit of a respite from that I'm still digging out from under a busy Saturday. Just packed aforementioned candles for Kimberly and Tina to thank them for doctoring me today. Creme brulee for Tina - she is a sweets lover, and Lavender Vanilla for Kim - she needs calming she's an energizer bunny who does too much for others. It's amazing how appreciative others are when you see them. Happy Monday, much love, Elizabeth

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