Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Governing Institutions

     It feels like it should have been Friday like a week ago? And yesterday I thought it was twice and had to course correct. I've mentioned the business of work but on top of that we have our CAP inspection tomorrow that happens every two years and it's primarily on Melody as the director of the Little Rock Clin Lab but I've been getting a lot of stuff to sign for micro too. Tina has been working arduously to get all the other departments ready. Jessica too. 

    JCAHO (joint commission) is the inspection body for hospitals and they have been here all week. The odds of all this happening at once are slim to none but here we are. Anthony Bennett called me yesterday and asked if I was available for a luncheon tomorrow that they traditionally throw for the medical executive committee to meet with the physician advisory board associated with JCAHO. Of course, I said, I'm covering needles but I'll be there - I will get covered. Misty Abbott in Conway - I unloaded that this week finally thank God - has been sending me backdated stuff to sign and asked me to scan it all and send it back to her in preparation. I don't have a scanner, I told her, and I don't know how to scan, but I'll find the right people and make it happen. And I did.

    So I don't really plan outfits for the next day it's kind of whatever feels right that morning but I just picked out something nice to wear for tomorrow. Involving kitten heels, which is about the highest heel I can manage (with flip flop back ups for office work). Invoking Michelle Obama - who also reported in her memoir that she only wears kitten heels. I know, it's a lofty comparison, but I empathized with her. Some shoes are not meant to be worn when you are running around. I have no idea how those runway girls can manage.

    I have three hours committed for Friday in additional to my caseload - got a 7am BHEC meeting and someone called from UALR wanting to send me students to introduce to pathology and I've got the first one scheduled from 11-1. Excited about that, despite not really having enough time in my day. Luckily Christy and I don't leave until Sunday at noon so I've got plenty of time to clean up straggling cases on Saturday. When the Clin lab director's secretary (the med tech, not Melody) asked me to attend a meeting with JCAHO at 10 am - 11 am Saturday my stomach got tied up in knots.

    Why weren't they worried about the morgue being so outdated all these years and now that we have finally turfed it they want to know the details? I know nothing about it, Jessica did it all. I don't have time for this - I kvetched to Melody. She helped me problem solve, and I told them yesterday that Jessica is off but she will be available at that time by text and I couldn't attend in Google Meets but I too will be available by text. Jessica is giving all the pertinent information to Sarah, the morgue attendant, who replaced John amid some scandal I know none of the details about a few years ago. It will all be ok.

    I could go on about hard cases but feel like a broken record at this point. We are planning an inspection to Hattiesburg MS the first week in May as well. It's a long drive and there are a lot of logistics to work out but Mary is doing most of it. I'm happy I'm in the cool car, and I'm not driving. It's our first trip to inspect since before the pandemic and I'm kind of excited - hotel rooms and dinners on the CAP dime. Fellowship with lab folks and seeing how others operate helps you bring new things to your own table. It's going to be all girls and as usual I'm the supposed leader of the show. I've learned so much doing this over the years - especially that I'm only as capable as the people who support me. They are the rock stars. I'm the rubber stamper. Let me chat with the CMO and CEO all day long as long as the experts attend to the details.

    Jack is stressed out about running for Junior Senator in the next couple of weeks - Mom, I've gotta make posters and make an effort. Everyone thinks I'm a shoe in but I've got a couple of competitors and they are very good. And they view me as a competitor? It doesn't seem to make sense. Well, I said, it's good that you are humble; all good leaders are.

    Reading has gone by the wayside but watching some good shows I've been meaning to talk about. I read Pachinko in book club a few years back and was amazed. Really hit home how racism is worldwide, naive, maybe, but sometimes it takes an epic tale for it to sink in. The TV adaptation is incredible - I routinely get tears, and cannot wait for the new one to drop Friday. Roar is ok? So much good female talent and I can tell they were going for a female Black Mirror. Falls a little short but some of the episodes are incredible - I especially liked How I solved my own murder last night. The duck one was bizarre. But there is good metaphor to be found in every one. Happy Thursday? Ack no Wednesday. Melody and I were joking today how we've been so busy in the last month that the days are all running together. Much love, Elizabeth


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