Saturday, April 23, 2022

Christy and Liz do Vegas

     I've started to imagine myself in my own comedy. I was in the weeds yesterday afternoon when Christy was trying to call and text and tell me she rented a guy to transport us in a Tesla - back to the future style - from the airport in Vegas to the Bellagio. I just got a red pedi to match the one she got during the week. Is that a thing? Asked my liquor store buddy. I'm not sure. But I did it anyway. Red toes in Vegas.

    S has alopecia - we think it is related to the nasty bug he got in February where he had to move to the guest room for a week. We saw Ahmad's favorite doctor Dan Smith this week and he is treating it with topical steroids. He said Ahmad has come into great wealth in the past couple of years I said I guessed? He sent me tons of pics of him and Kristen and their daughter Remmie, who is Rennie's age, on PJs. Good for Ahmad, I told him. He has a good heart, like Christy. He will be a good steward of great wealth.

    S and I went to Ahmad and Kristen's wedding years ago at a speakeasy in Chicago. The taxi driver had a hard time finding the door to drop us off. That's why it's a speakeasy, I said, the door should be hard to find. We found it, and inside was glittery and wonderful it was one of my favorite wedding receptions ever dotted with lots of glitzy docs he has met over the years. So happy to be reuniting with him. I remember when I took Jack and C to a crawfish boil in residency and I was the only one with kids and he talked to me and saw me and watched C for me when I had to breastfeed and change J in the bathroom. He's a gem.

    The CARTI bid was submitted Thursday and Melody did an amazing job. I had a long epic dream that night - I usually don't remember my dreams but this one was totally anxiety induced and it took me a few minutes when I woke from it to convince myself it wasn't real. Melody was on public transportation in a smart blue and grey dress telling me she was leaving to go work in Indiana at the University and said it was the best thing for her family. I hugged her and told her I would miss her.

    Then I stumbled off of the public transit and started crying in public all over the town square. Children were laughing and playing but I was not happy. I don't even cry, much less in public. I bumped into a couple of partners who weren't my partners but they were in the dream they looked like mafia goons. One goon was saying all we need is CP? Can I lie and say I'm certified and take her place? I was thinking the CARTI bid was a swan song to us she loved us but had to leave. I woke gasping and telling myself it's just a dream. She has friends and family here. She's not leaving. She laughed when I told her, I think it touched her.

    So excited for my comedy trip with PJ and Tesla (hate Elon Musk but here we are) and penthouse suites and I just finished packing we are leaving at noon tomorrow. I'll be back in time for the luncheon on Thursday - it's an inaugural one for women physicians. Mandee invited me and I widely shared through text - Julie Goodwin is going to talk about burnout. When I stopped by Anthony Bennett's office to tell him I wouldn't be in the med exec committee meeting on Monday and Staggs couldn't come either he shared his story of burnout in cardiology and I told him about my struggles with working during divorce and when my father was ill. 

    He said they are working on a financially prudent way to address burnout and make it a better environment at Baptist for physicians. Looking forward to that, I said. Therapy and fellowship with women in my Sunday school class saved me. But men experience it too - Bob Overacre is a prime example. Maybe we should start a men's group too, he wondered and I laughed. Jealous? But it would be helpful honestly. The environment is so hostile.

    After the luncheon on Thursday S and I are headed to Eureka for a long weekend someone took over the Peabody (which explains why we haven't been able to get a room for a year) and renovated it and it looks amazing. S is sad the Dashwood is changing and I get that but they have made the other upstairs suite so luxurious I'm willing to let that go. Happy Saturday, much love, Elizabeth.

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