Thursday, April 28, 2022

Christy and Liz did Vegas

     And it was a bit of a comedy. I learned some important rules in taking PJ's - never wear kitten heels. After enough wine to get tipsy but certainly not drunk we stopped to refuel in Santa Fe. I got off to use the restroom and getting back on was a challenge - there were no handrails just bungee cords, and somehow I ended up on my back smacking my head on the tarmac. At the time, I remember being worried about flashing the pilot (I didn't, he was back in the building) so I got up as quick as possible and marveled at the fact I had no open visible wounds and climbed into my seat which was also a challenge - it was a tiny Honda which was much more suited to my shorter friend in every way than myself.

    Worrying about flashing the pilot turned out to be the least of my problems. Getting smacked on the back of your head is much harder to deal with than the top of your head (and as a two time recipient of a traffic car arm I feel qualified to be an expert in the arena) bc you have to lay down to go to bed. Rest to recline in a jacuzzi bath. Lay out by the pool in the sun. So I was constantly reminded of my PJ foul throughout my stay. Which required daily scheduled Advil until today - I usually only take it once a year.

    Due to an hour delay we canceled Mizumi in Santa Fe and got room service. The room was incredible. We each had two full baths and there was a half bath. Seven TV's. Three thousand square feet. By the end I was affectionately referring to my bedroom as the womb bc I was in bed every night after dark fall and up reading magazines by 5am. We gambled once, the first night. Well Christy did, she wanted to bet 20 bucks at a Roulette table with her dad's bday. We learned that they cut staff during the pandemic so if you want wine you have to seek it out yourself at a bar you are not served at the tables anymore (at the general ones, at least). Between the lights and sounds and stale cigarette and cigar smells - makes sense to fuel one addictive behavior with another but I had no idea you could still smoke indoors anywhere - I told Christy I need to go back up to the room and go to bed after a half hour.

    The next morning was kind of stressful with a hunt for Advil and food - I learned that if you go to Vegas don't just make dinner reservations make ones for brunch too. After two hours and a Beavis and Butthead moment in the VIP lounge (we were trying to bring the free fruit and coffee and water up to the room with less hands than were needed and I was happy to make the GM laugh with my joke) we finally made it back to our quiet oasis to order room service (which took an hour and a half but I was glad not to be lost - we got so lost for the first 24 hours and I happily helped an old man navigate the guest elevator and the process to get to your room with your key card yesterday bc you have to pay it forward right?).

    We decided to go shopping after lunch and we got so lost coming out of another casino with our cherished tourist trap goods that I decided to Google Map how to get to the Bellagio bc we could see it? But the path wasn't clear. I told Christy it says we have to go down some stairs and up an escalator and over a bridge. She said I feel like I'm in an episode of Dora the Explorer and I laughed so hard I almost peed. Find the map. LOLOL.

    Last night dinner with Ahmad and Kristen was as delightful as expected and I loved getting to have a nice meal connecting old friends and get to know Kristen better.  I slipped the waiter my card and paid for it all it was such an enjoyable evening. Esther's Kitchen was by far the best meal but the room service wasn't too shabby. Today at the women dr. luncheon, which I almost skipped bc I epically puked after my shower and again after grocery shopping on the way home, we had less fancy fare but the fellowship was refreshing. I'm glad I made the effort even though I was so shaky I considered an Uber. I made so many new contacts and we hope to continue this. Happy Thursday, much love, Elizabeth


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