Friday, March 11, 2022

It Snowed on the day my bro was born (March 9 1984)

     I still remember it. I was spending the night at my friend Melinda Fan's in NLR - she's now the breast path at freaking Harvard, and my parents called her rents to ask if I could stay longer bc mom broke her water. The sun was shining. It was snowing. It was really beautiful. I was so excited to meet Matt.

    This week started off ok? Tina shared a gross with me Monday morning that made me LOL. This girl doesn't know her bra size, but she wants the surgeon to get her down to a C or a D, so her boobs don't point at the floor. I'm like, who doesn't know their bra size, first of all, and second, where does she want them to point? Like headlights, or to the sky? Does anyone ever ask for a side eye? WTF?

    Then it took a turn for the worse. Crazy cases, tons of adrenaline. Not to mention the shitty war in the Ukraine. I was so strung out Thursday morning I shot out of bed at 5:30 worrying that I was late to CARTI general tumor board and skipped shower and got dressed in a hurry. Halfway down the hill I realized I was not only not going to be late for Sbucks I was over an hour early. A couple of egg bites later and a coffee down I was crying about a story I read in the news. Deep breaths. This is our new norm. Part of change. I'm here but not here for it. 

    Thursday I was so wiped I sent a present for Super Girl's friend Kim's bday with Jessica the thought of driving past 6pm was antithesis to my being. Luckily they sent lots of pics - trivia night at Mellow Mushroom. I checked in with the gross room this morning, slept and refreshed, and Savanna said that Jessica was stuck in an elevator with placentas? She texted me to log in all the specimens, that was her only request. 

    When it started snowing this afternoon I decided to check the OR schedule at hour early luckily it was dead. Lindsey, my on call PA, was busy picking up her kid, about Rennie's age, from childcare they had canceled aftercare. I asked Jess what was up with the elevator.

    We were going from one to ground. It faltered, lights went out, it was jolting, it was scary. It was me, a cart full of placentas, and a woman who's sister was air flighted last week to Baptist for a stroke. I learned everything about her life, over the course of an hour. Apparently Jess pushed the emergency call button and the Baptist help came to say they just needed to refresh the elevator but 20 mins later they said it didn't work and they called Schindler. Luckily that worked but it was hairy - the elevator drifted down to the ground floor then slowly and creepily up to the tenth floor where she got off and caught another elevator to get the placenta's safely to the morgue. Round two went to Bob she was done. Jack has a visceral fear of elevators - I'd better not share this story with him.

    My god the landscape is eerie and beautiful. I'm on call but going in late tomorrow to ensure the roads are ok. Went to Pantry West tonight with S - very early to get back before dark. A friend gifted me a large gift certificate. I remember going to Allouette's when I was little with my parents tasting escargot for the first time. Then in my 20's Denis was head chef - his pic is still on the wall. He was dating my friend who was a beautiful blond waitress less than half his age. A lovely scoundrel. He was the light of all of our parties, and he always made me lol. Loved seeing his pic. He lived loud. Happy Friday, much love, Elizabeth


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