Friday, March 18, 2022

Crusty Butt

     I don't know if it's daylight savings time or work stress or world stress but this week kicked my ass. I woke up every morning at 4am - too late for wine to function during the day unfortunately, and this morning it was a whopping 3:24 so it feels like midnight now. But I'm off for a week! Rach and Mike and Ren are already in Denver. We leave tomorrow at 1pm with an unavoidable four hour layover in Denver on the way to Gunnison so we will not get to Crested Butte until late - I just texted the family gressage to save S and I the second best room and get breakfast essentials for Sunday. Rachel and I both aren't skiing so we plan to shop Sunday for cooking and am looking forward to spending time with her reading and being her sous chef and snowshoeing and spa-ing. 

    Cecelia and Mia and Harper are leaving Fville in an hour and plan to stop in Oklahoma City at Mia's house - we cooked for her and her mom for brunch on the way out of Fville the other weekend. Mom is orthopedic nurse in OK City. She's nice - I'm glad the girls have a place to rest for a bit before the long drive. Blakely bowed out of the trip - she's missing her family in Illinois - C was sad but understood. Sometimes you need to plug back in with family to rejuvenate. I told her it was a blessing in disguise her car is so full of her stuff I wondered how four girls and their stuff would fit. Her dorm is tiny - she can't wait to move to a condo for next year.

    I started some laundry earlier and accidentally threw in a dryer sheet instead of soap - I realized my never made before mistake within a couple of minutes and fished out the dryer sheet and added soap but holy hell. I was so frustrated at work today, the luckily lightest day of the week, bc I was trying to take the quarterly ABpath stupid test for continuing education and maintenance of certification, which I have heard is getting more and more ridiculous in Path Mom group on FB. The pictures are so bad, apparently, that when the correct answer is revealed everyone groans. Yes, we know what that tumor looks like, and it looks nothing like the pic provided, so there was lots of begrudging. 

    I signed into ABpath and there was another level of security - a new added one. We will send a code to your email to verify who you are. WTF. Who would actually try to impersonate anyone to take a stupid continuing education test. I checked my email, and kept refreshing to no avail. I asked Melody for help and she echoed the stupidity level as an all time high. She showed me how to check my junk mail (she's really good at computers, beyond checking junk which I realize is super easy but I couldn't find it) but the code wasn't there either. I called ABP for the first time and got a long recorded message and got sent to voice mail. Left a terse message to fix the computer glitch, this is such a waste of my time, so we will see how it goes. I've got until the 31st to complete it so hopefully it will be worked out by then.

    March Madness is in full swing and although I never join Jessica and Tina and the majority of our work family is excited. Jessica organizes it every year. Melody has won twice in the past few years. All of my partners are in awe of her basketball knowledge, comparing her to my lack of. Jessica always says that the winners are usually the ones that don't know bball but just filling out a bracket and figuring out the shared app daunt me. Tina, who is about like me, has won the first two rounds. She was so excited she bragged about having more than one drink last night to celebrate. Jeff, the security guard I go way back with, was sleepy today too - he stayed up late watching the Arkansas game. It was a nail biter apparently, he told me the team they played, it started with a V, but I forget. He was so pumped up with adrenaline after it was over he couldn't sleep. Me neither, I said, but for different reasons.

    Since we are now sending our autopsies to UAMS (yay!) I was super relieved bc we got another request last week. These heart doctors are out of control. We had trouble getting rid of the body bc it was a younger guy and the UAMS pathologist was worried the family wanted toxicology and forensics which is something they, and we previously, don't do. PSA - if you order an autopsy don't ignore your phone for three days while the body sits in the cooler. Finally it went over Monday morning. I heard Jess in transcription and yelled, Did you get rid of that body yet??!! much to the delight and amusement of transcription.

    Dragon is fascinating. Learning that has been a little stressful too. I'm getting the hang of it and it's slowly learning my voice. A is mistaken all the time for 8. TTF-1 is PTF-1. I won't even try to tell you how bad it mangled meningotheliomatous meningioma or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy but it gets better every day. I'm still dictating my cytologies bc there's a lot more steps which I was able to manage on Monday but when I got deluged on Tuesday and Wednesday I gave up. The secretaries are more than happy to listen to my voice, they said. They are having a long overdue relief without all their typing. I'm happy for them. The gross room loves it, they play games trying to trip up Dragon and laugh at the results. I had to go too slow at first - I'm an auctioneer and Dragon didn't like that, but it is slowly getting better. It's amazing how you can say a string of sentences and watch it pop up magically in the field. CoPath and Epic don't communicate well - and we've had to make a lot of adjustments. But when we get Beaker in a couple of years (they have been touting that for almost a decade) it should be more streamlined.

    Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to sleeping in and packing. Hopefully the blended family experiment goes well. Jack and C are excited to share CB with their other family and I'm excited that even though it has been a helluva hard couple of weeks there is relief on the horizon. And my health, while still not optimal, has improved so hopefully this year will be much better than last year. Watching The Dropout. It's fascinating - so addicted to the Elizabeth Holmes story I read the book a couple of years ago and Amanda Seyfried is amazing as her. Much love, Elizabeth


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