Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Coming Together

     Is better than falling apart, that's for sure. I've been thinking of that title all day, and when I typed it I got the double entendre and LOL'd. I had the best day off I've had in two years. When your health is returning and you start to see your old self again and how much of it was gone, it's exhilarating. For starters, it's early, jury is still out, but my new Jeep is a dream. The technical display makes my Land Rover look like 1980's Atari. The back up camera is shockingly amazing. AND I FINALLY have music not coming from a tinny iPhone in my lap after about two long years. Today I figured out how to program 12 channels into my favorites on Sirius. I missed it sooo much - the best time for me to discover new music is in a car since I need silence to work. 

    I love driving it bc it reminds me of driving my Jeep in college. I'm not really picky about cars, my only requirement is that it is shaped like a square. There are too many cars these days that are oblong, like a suppository. Which is a handy shape if it is something you need to insert up your um anus but not so flattering, IMO, in a vehicle. And they all look the same! From Lexus to Ford. I anticipate a revolution soon, but until then, I'll take pride in the fact that I'm one of the only non-suppository shaped vehicles on the road.

    My friend Padma is having a girl's bday dinner, Laurie is hosting, Friday night at Petit and Keet and I am so sad to miss it (but the beach isn't too shabby). I decided I had to be there, even if I wasn't there - you know gifts and fun party stuff. I went into Wordsworth for the first time since the pandemic and it has changed quite a bit. Non-book gift selection way down, but OMG to be in a bookstore for the first time in so long the smells alone almost made me swoon. I'm trying hard to shake this pandemic squirrel brain so I optimistically bought a few books for my trip to Florida tomorrow. 

    Padma's not a book person. So I headed to Catering to You to look for gifts. They had a whole birthday table with these amazing rainbow napkins and a cool candle that would fit on any dessert. There were these 1970's shag pillows - I bought Padma a big one with a sun on it and all the guests (it's a girl dinner) smaller ones with hello and happy and rainbows and sunshines. And there was a birthday gourmet popcorn bag - it looked positively indulgent all drizzled with festive candy and chocolate everyone got one of those too. I got the jalapeno cheddar flavor for myself, and dark chocolate pretzel for Mom and Dad.

    We are implementing Dragon at work (finally) so big changes looming there for our company but I'm still so stoked about all the new technology I'm learning about from these other companies sometimes I can't sleep. I'm going to be a cog in a part of a huge revolution in pathology and the way we deliver cancer care to our patients. In lieu of a cure this is a huge development. And since pathology is going digital, urban and rural care become equal which is a big challenge in the health care profession. Happy Tuesday! Much love, Elizabeth

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