Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Shit for Brains

      I wandered into the gross room at a quarter to four to check on possible late frozens. After the holidays and the deductibles things tend to slow down a bit, and we are just now seeing this. Jessica still had a pile of placentas but the more critical specimen table looked good, not overflowing like it has been for the past couple of months. I think the OR is winding down, Jess said. I'll go check, I told her. After I looked at the board I told her the only one that concerns me is the retrosigmoid approach to a craniotomy by Conner? What the hell? How do you go behind the sigmoid colon to get to the brain? Seems a little circuitous to me. She laughed. I already looked that one up. It's some artery microdissection. Not our concern. But I've seen that occasionally before. Not sure - is there a part of the brain called the sigmoid?

    Not that I remember. I'll have to google that, I said. Jess yelled it's shit for brains! Lol. Still haven't googled, but oh well. I got a text today from my Dad's Apple watch at 10:38 that scared the shit out of me and made me sweaty and shaky. Rick Nestrud has had a hard fall. You are receiving this because you are an emergency contact. Here is his location on maps. WTF? I called Mom and sure enough they were in downtown Port St. Joe waiting on an ambulance. Long story short, he's ok, he had a nasal fracture and a radial fracture - both non-dislocating, but he's got a lot of cuts and bruises and is in horrible pain. When I called Stephan and Christie to tell them they both said, I guess it's genetic. 

    When we finally ascertained in group text with sibs and Aunt Sue and Uncle Chuck that he was going to be ok, just a little battered and bruised, I said someone needs to start researching walking assistance for me, Mom, and Dad. Mom had a compound fracture in the Spring which required external hardware and much OT - we have been commiserating. Also a fall. I said I want a cool staff that makes me look like a witch or a wizard not an unsteady mess in disguise. Matt found something on Amazon that lights up! Bonus for nighttime. 

    In a flurry of oh shit I'm falling apart again I have had four dr. appointments in the past two weeks. Good news. Mammogram is clear as a bell. What are you doing? New breast rad - daughter of chief of ED who I have worked with on the phone but never met was incredulous. Look at last one there is tons of fibrocystic disease are you taking Vitamin E (well now I am) or hormones? Nope. When I called Amanda Ferrell to bitch about aforementioned surgeon she said that she's seen that happen during menopause, but it took her about a decade to recognize the pattern. 

    Also good repeat fasting labs were COMPLETELY NORMAL hallelujah no organ transplants in my near future I almost cried when I got the phone call Wednesday. Blood pressure is good as well no need to add anything to the beta blocker and with regular exercise I can probably get off of that too. Checked in with new gyno Amy - she is Cindy's BFF and I needed to see her since I haven't seen anyone since Cindy moved to Santa Fe earlier this year. She is hilarious I'm excited to be her friend and invited her to book club when Covid finally ends (if. Sigh.).

    I sound boring and old. Can't remember if I told you Cecelia's new mission in life is to become a sexual wellness doc. She wants to write a book and become famous and revolutionize the industry. Feminist me is super proud even though mom me cringes a bit at her candid discussion but that is what our kids do right? Bring us forward. She predicted her National Merit Finalist and President of Central when she was a Freshman so I've got no qualms that she cannot do what she sets out to do. 

    One of her new BFF's at Fville was the mom that tragically and inexplicably died while paddle boarding last week. So I've been plugging in a lot with her lately. How to support friends who are grieving. Hell I melted down thinking about it on Sunday. When C discovered she was missing on Wednesday night through her friends Insta she frantically and full of empathy told me I was never allowed to paddle board again. Well, I said, I'm pretty sure my OT would agree with you. Tongue in cheek, that was, but watching the fallout since then, from the police boats we could see from our window Wednesday night to the discovery Sunday has been holy hell. 

    Dad is good. A little embarrassed I kept receiving texts from his phone during head CT, etc. I just talked to him and was like hell no I want that info. Turns out if you go unconscious and don't disable something your Apple Watch will dial 911 and share your location. Melody said all of her and David's parents have one. Also picked up my dad's A.Fib a few years back. So good investment for a loved one, especially if they are on their own. Happy Tuesday, much love, Elizabeth

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