Monday, January 10, 2022


     I got fired on Friday, by a belligerent surgeon. Of course it was relayed to me by a partner - this person is borderline as hell. You do everything the same, 99.9% of the time you are right, but that .01% that you cannot predict all hell breaks loose. Did you defend me, I said? Stand up for me? What's there to defend. You did everything right. They probably made a promise to a patient, that they were trying to uphold. Well I don't stand over them in the OR and tell them how to do surgery. I'm nothing but professional. 

    I called a fellow doc to vent Friday night. You are preaching to the choir, she said. I get a nastygram every two years saying what a stupid doctor I am. And now that their notes are in Epic? They are throwing everyone under the bus. It's like a bad boyfriend you cannot predict or break up with, I said. They are the bane of our existence, she lamented. I love my job, very much, but this is a stick in my craw. 

    I want a New Year's makeover. And I tried - postponed my plans while Jack was in quarantine but Christy tested positive for Covid on Sunday after I spent Saturday with her and S is sick as a dog. He tested negative by PCR this afternoon. So maybe bad flu? Who the hell knows. I called employee health this morning - the same department that required a negative antigen test before I returned to work last week after coming into contact with Jack. No we are not testing anymore, she said. Just wear a mask, even if your husband comes up positive, we won't test you. That is new, I said, different from last week. Yes, the rules changed last Wednesday? Maybe Thursday. Just stay masked and don't eat with anyone this week - no unmasking at work. I LOL'd. So this is why there are so many CDC memes on Facebook. You are throwing us to the wolves. She laughed, and said just don't forget to mask up. If you need testing for peace of mind, do it elsewhere. If you become symptomatic we will test you.

    There is an Omicron update from Mandee that I didn't watch today - I plan to tomorrow. But anyone with access to the news can see that this is a huge shit show. Are they altering their plans for the good of the community? Or the good of the hospital business. I think the latter. I'm just going to lay down low and N95 it up and keep working. Christy dropped by some home testing kits today and was wondering about my results. Well, I decided not to test. It was recommended by employee health, and if I do test positive, it will wreak havoc among my group. A false positive would be a death sentence. We are all spread so thin, and this would put us into a spiral. 

    There are highlights of the new year. Figuring out hard cases. I had a gallbladder cancer in an early 40's patient last week. I have only had two other gallbladder cancers in my career and both were consults. About 50% of them are incidental findings - they think, as in this case, that they are just gallstones. This was not subtle, it was ugly as hell and all over the margins. I called the surgeon's nurse. Oh hell, she said. Can I give him your cell phone. Of course, I said, if he has any questions tell him to call me. This has a horrendous prognosis - 5% ten year survival maybe I looked it up last week but there has been a weekend since then. 

    So I still want a do-over. Sent Woody and Cecelia to my mom and dad's for a long weekend they had a blast. I'm a little jelly C saw their house before my planned trip in February but since she plans the summer in Spain this was a good thing. Other good? Ack not sure. Station 11 is still captivating and we just cheezed out to the fourth season of Cobra Kai. I hear that Euphoria and Righteous Gemstones just dropped new seasons too so there is no lack of content. Planning to finish Samantha Power's autobiography soon, it's fascinating. No more days off until February so there's nothing to do but work. Happy Monday, thank God it's almost over, Much love, Elizabeth

    Speaking of Gods, there are no Gods in medicine. There is only teamwork. Some clinicians fail to understand this. Well, we are entering a new era. Time to hold the Godheads accountable. 


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