Thursday, January 27, 2022

Medical Executive Committee

     Was Monday evening, and there was a Zoom option, which about 2/3 of the docs chose. If I had been Chief for five years this might have been my preference but as a newbie I was really excited to be there in person. There were about 12 docs, half of whom I knew, and 2 admin. One of them was Anthony Bennett - he's been there a while and was a doc before transitioning to admin. He's kind of quiet, but we have been friendly over the years. I don't know him well, but see him almost daily in the Dr. Lounge. About six or seven years ago he invited me to med exec to share my Q/A report with all the docs. He was very impressed (Rex Bell said you knocked this one out of the ballpark Elizabeth when I first took on the role). I have shared it with him over the years occasionally so they can have an example. It's how we doctors check ourselves. Make sure that our reports match up with the institutions we send them out to (about 40-80 send outs a month). If not, pull and investigate - they aren't always right, but if they are, we make sure we amend our report with full disclosure. It's about patient care, not ego. That's one of many things I look at in the three page monthly report.

    Anyway, it was a new year, so there were a few new Chiefs, so Bennett went over the role (Rex gets so mad when I call him Tony IT'S ANTHONY lol I miss pissing off Rex) of the med exec committee - we sit right under the Board of Trustees so we are kind of a big deal. He was showing the charts and the flow of command and knowledge and most of the time he was making eye contact with me. Which was startling and endearing. I can't even get my business manager or the head of histology to make eye contact with me in a meeting. When you are a female in the room, you are often not the target of someone's pitch. Even though there were things that irked me during the hour, most of it was respectful and gave me a little hope even.

    Highlights of the meeting included a big press release Monday night (hospital press) of an increase in salary in bedside nursing. The clinicians were ecstatic. What can we do. Admin said be patient as we have new people coming on board. Try not to yell over the phone. Hopefully this is our version of build back better. We need a new start. They are also taking over half of the anesthesia lounge to expand OR 15 - thank god not the gross room I texted to my partners. For now. I saw McCall Hogan in the dr. lounge and he said they are already moving out couches. There are 70 of us. I know. I bought them all Taziki's on the year anniversary of my dad's surgery for saving his life. It cost a lot, but was worth every penny. Hell, I might do it again just for kicks. 

    The funniest thing was about the medical exchange. The Pulaski County medical exchange has been around for decades - I used to use it to page my dad when I was in elementary school. A couple of weekends ago, unceremoniously and with no communication they retired and sold out to a national company over the weekend. We were getting emails with multiple phone numbers and codes to log in (to what? A phone company?) and it has been a shit show. Blake Phillips said the national company sent him some crazy email with 10 patient attestations to promote themselves that appeared to violate every aspect of HIPPA. David Shenker, the new Chief of Staff, who very badassedly missed the big chunk of the middle of the meeting bc he had to do a C-section, said his colleague Jennings was receiving patient calls to her cell phone all weekend and when she ascertained it was the national company and called to complain they said you are wrong and hung up on her. I'm glad I'm a pathologist, I said. The Chief of OB/GYN, Julia Goodwin, looked over at me and said I've often wished I was a pathologist. 

    Melody, who as a CP still has to do apheresis, said she tried one of like 17 numbers on Martin Luther King Day and there was a message saying the medical exchange was closed for the holiday. We both LOL'd. Is that even a thing? You cannot close the medical exchange - it's a way for doctors to communicate important shit to other doctors. And for patients to get access is really weird - they are supposed to ask for name and identifiers to make sure you are a doc. Apparently there is a big lawsuit between the national company and the local one, so admin was rolling their eyes. Hopefully they pull out of our state eventually.

    I'm so ecstatic for Cecelia she had 70 people show up for her sex talk last night. She was on Cloud 9 (she, unlike me, loves the attention). She's gonna be the next Dr. Ruth. The short speech, which she sent us all in the family gressage, was so political and intellectual with the perfect dose of funny. She told me everyone laughed in the right places and I think she has found her passion. At one point she compared sex without mutual communication to ordering a steak without telling your waitress how you wanted it cooked. And she joked with the guys that they knew that the girl should have an orgasm too? And it was their responsibility to try to make that happen. Some conservative college watchdog group is hounding them today and I told her controversy is the best advertisement for your cause. Yeah mom, we plan to give them a statement and if they twist it we will slam them on social media. 

    Headed to Eureka this weekend and off until next Thursday I'm excited. This week has seemed like a month. Going to see Mom and Dad's new house in about two weeks. Ready to shed Winter. S told me last week that he hadn't heard me dry heave in a couple of weeks. LOL. The bar is low, but it's not death. My health is improving so I have more energy than in a couple of years. Good things. Happy Thursday. Much love, Elizabeth


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