Sunday, January 2, 2022

Covid Cats

     It's funny how you can be over the moon and something comes along and knocks you on your ass. In this instance, it was a phone call the day before Christmas Eve informing me of some wacky labs. I don't know why, maybe it's my job, but I go from skewed labs to multi-organ system failure and brain infarct in the blink of an eye. My labs were the first I'd done in three years, and I wasn't fasting, so I go again in a couple of weeks to make sure they were real. Nothing can make you feel more vulnerable and human than feeling out of control. Meantime I course correct (after I beat myself up for being a terrible person). There is more than one reason for getting on the treadmill and if I fixed my blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol once maybe I can do it again? Curves be damned I want to live as long if not longer than Betty White.

    Jack is finally out of quarantine today after testing positive on a home antigen test at Mike's last Wednesday night. I'm glad I've missed him. It threw our house into chaos for a few days but everyone else tested negative - M, R, and S by PCR, me, C and Joelle by rapid Ag. I took one look at that PCR line at Baptist on Friday morning and said screw this I'm on call. Went to the front lab desk and tested Ag negative in 15 minutes. I know PCR is gold standard, but I told Joelle and C if we get symptomatic we will do PCR but since we are not this is good enough for now. Just mask up and stay away from Jack and Noah.

    Noah ultimately tested negative yesterday by PCR (his brothers and sisters were pos) even though he was symptomatic, which made us wonder if Jack was one of the 1/100 false positives on the Ag test. Rachel's friend Whysper caught it - she had to get it from somewhere and Jack is the likely culprit since they all went to RKS together. It is so strange how indiscriminate the virus is. Jack and I wondered aloud if maybe Noah had extra ammunition on board since he was the only one who had the original Covid before he was vaccinated. Who knows. Jack ultimately decided he'd rather not spend the last couple of days of his break getting a PCR test. I agree.

    Happy New Year! It was pretty uneventful around here. The most exciting thing was spraying the cats off of the couch with bottled water in the evenings (they bed downstairs in the Covid lair). Jack was kind of happy to have an excuse to cancel his NYEve plans. I told him he could have six kids bc I was on call, and even if I wasn't, I don't want the house to turn into a wild party for 16 yos. He was getting lots of pressure from his friends to increase the numbers and it was stressing him out. Jack is not wild, he is quite the opposite. He's not an early thrill seeker like C was (the apple doesn't fall far) he is into his health and natural weight lifting (I'm all natty for my health, he says). He eschews drinking and vaping, he's tried the former but isn't impressed. He schedules lunches with his favorite teachers on break and gifts them books. He hasn't had a serious girlfriend since he was about 10, and we know that even if your emotions get carried away then it's kind of just a tip of the iceberg thing.

    Jack's friend Izzy stayed here for a couple of weeks in December while her parents were getting situated to move back to Little Rock from a Vermont experiment that failed after 6 months. I asked her one night about Jack. Told her I knew he had some vague interests but some new discovery about the person always led him to keep his distance. Not that I'm judging, Mom, he says, that's just not the person I want to date. Izzy said Jack is picky. He watches his friends get all giddy and then it turns into a train wreck and he congratulates himself for not going down that road. Not that it's been all roses for him. He is highly sought after, which has led to some very awkward situations that he's learning to get out of more smoothly as he goes along. 

    C was laughing about one of those situations recently. He's so heartfelt, I said, he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings but the poor girls are probably mortified the more he tries to explain and mollify. He such a good kid too. You probably wouldn't have hung out with him in high school, he's not wild enough. You are right, Mom, but he is so good. He's going to be a great catch someday. I told C I'm just glad he's old enough to start going to concerts with you. He's a great protector. I'll sleep better. Happy Sunday, much love, Elizabeth

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