Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Mythical Elizabeth

     S started his job in February before the pandemic. As you know, Christmas parties were cancelled last year, but we had one last night in the party room at Samantha's Tap Room. There weren't over 20 people, it felt safe. We cancelled the PLA Christmas party this year bc with over 50 employees, it didn't feel safe. So I had never met the principals Tim and David or the draftsmen Dick and Riley or their lovely wives. Last night we all remedied that over food and drinks and it was a blast. I was surprised that they all thought I was a myth, since they hadn't met me before. I got super quizzed over Covid and that was a softball. 

    Another strange thing happened last week I didn't tell you about. I got a gross only report on a penile discharge/penile foreign object. I'm not even a guy, but I cringed. What the holy hell. We get a lot of rectal foreign objects but never penile? Was this person sane I wondered? I looked at the age. Four. I wandered into the gross room and asked about it. Savanna, our mouse in the house sex toy expert, said it looked like an apple stem. I LOL'd. I guess if something can come out of it something might go in. Savanna said he probably hoped he could shoot it out. Hahaha. Like I gun, I said. The stem was a bullet. Those little men start early with their dreams of projectiles. 

    My intake is so much less than my output lately I'm amazed that I'm not stick skinny. But I love the curves and that's the way of the world lately right? Moving into a curvy future. Tipton and Hurst at Baptist went the way of many stores during the pandemic but they are putting in a new scrub store and it's exciting watching it go up. The inventory is all there it looks like it will open soon and none too late. I'm through with trying to fit into my small tall scrubs it's not in the stars I decided. Certainly the tops will never fit no much how exercise I do. Time to explore medium, maybe large even. I'm pretty tall. 

    I had to go to the family doc this week (it's been three years!) bc when I was in the ED a few weeks ago they picked up incidental hypertension. It's returned. Sigh. Back on daily beta blockers and I bought a new sphygmomanometer at Walgreen's to chart my blood pressure, which was 167 over 115 on Monday after a restful non-eventful day (it was 206 over 120 after the traffic arm fell on me). That's pretty crazy high. This does not run in my family not sure where it came from. My family doc Kent Covert (he's highly recommended Melody uses him too) LOL'd when I told him the story of the ED trip. He said he always worried about it falling on his car but never imagined it falling on a head. I told him Staggs was so alarmed it happened to me twice he wondered aloud that I should not tell anyone that it's kind of embarrassing. Much? 

    Having a relaxing week I got a massage today and had lunch with Christy. Trio's requires vaccine cards I fing love that. I heard from Maddy when I got my hair done yesterday that 42 and the Rep require them too. I need to get out more. Monday shopping with Jack and Rennie was fun at Belle and Blush but scary as fuck in Gearhead Outfitters and Big Orange there were way too many people and no one is masking what are they thinking? Batshit crazy. Who knows what the next possible mutation will bring. Ebola nastiness? I wanted to scream get your Vax. But the world is crazy, so response to the pandemic is not surprising.

    Best ever show Bo Burnham Inside on Netflix. I died laughing at White Women Instagram and Sexting and empathized to the point of tears when he was talking panic attacks. I have about one a decade since my twenties - to the point of physical terror - and it happened last Thursday out of the blue. Shaking, perioral numbness, phalangeal numbness, you name it. 0 to 100 in a second it scared the holy shit outta me prompting a visit to Yousef yesterday for the first time in nine months. Turns out one a decade isn't really that bad. I'm gonna be ok. Interstate travel might be dicey for a little bit but it's a small sacrifice for sanity.

    Got a big grocery trip planned for the am our Christmas Eve potluck looms. S is cooking the beef chili and Jack wrestled the turkey chili from me so after I shop I'm home free just hosting. C gave me a list so long I think I'm going to be shopping for her whole spring semester so I'm hoping I can limit it all to one cart. Sunday we are leaving for Nashville to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise. LOL I'm on call Monday and am covering frozens I realized and turfed that to Shaver last Friday. I'll get up early and play catch up in the afternoon. Merry Christmas! Much love, Elizabeth

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