Thursday, December 9, 2021

Snake Oil

     Well Jack is better. He's over at his dad and stepmom's this week so I haven't heard from him but no news is good news. He was prescribed a new antiviral for the flu - Effluvox I think? That cost about 200 bucks insurance did not cover. It was interesting watching the cyclic nature of the virus. One minute he was eating and wanting to watch Merlin, a couple of hours later he had a blinding headache and was breaking out in new hives. He texted me at 2am Friday morning saying he wouldn't wish this on his worst enemy. So we filled the script Friday morning, and two hours later after a hard sleep he was right as rain. Worth every penny. He got the first dose Baptist gave this year.

    This week has been my week to suffer - I had such horrible dry heaves Monday and puked a bunch. Kimberly had to drive me home at noon. Tuesday was a little better but similar. Luckily the week has been slowing down a bit and my GI system has been somewhat normalizing. I was super pissed to see a flyer in my box Wednesday morning from a molecular rep asking me to go to Arthur's and view a lecture. I did a double take - the name was the same as the one who invited us to an Afirma dinner about four or five years ago. 

    Pam and I went - she is the head of cytology. It was in a private back room and the food and wine was abundant and lovely. The lecturer was from Dallas - she looked like she belonged to an affluent country club. ENT surgeon specializing in thyroids. About three fourths of the way through the lecture she showed pics of her pathology thyroid team and marketed our work out. I side-eyed Pam. WTF. At this stage in my career I would have stood up and called her out and left but I was still trying to be polite.

    Dr. Kirsch was there from Conway. A very vocal ENT, I met him first at Laura Lamps' house when I was a resident helping her host an international famous GI crew. He is tough to get off of a conversation with, I learned, and have continued to on the phone over the years. But he's sweet. He defended us. We like our pathology, we don't need to farm it out. As we were walking out, he was dissing her. Why do you need to be a thyroid expert if you are an ENT anyone can do that? I said, yeah, most of our general surgeons do the thyroids. She's moving backwards, and pretending that she is moving forwards. They aren't tough, surgically or pathologically. Most of them, 98%, are benign colloid nodules. It's not rocket science, it's job security. She's a slave to who she's crawled in bed with.

    A couple of weeks later Pam and I were doing a bronch for Cidney and she was there marketing lung technology. Passing out fliers for another dinner at Arthur's. She apologized to us for her guest speaker. I didn't know she was going to do that, I'm so sorry. She walked away. Sorry not sorry, I said to Pam, screw her and her dinners. Cidney said that lung molecular is like snake oil right now I wouldn't go if she paid me. He threw the flier in the trash. I laughed. I did the same thing this week. Tossed that bullshit.

    I started Heart of a Dog last night and am about 3/4 of the way through it is so good. Amanda is going to drive me to book club Saturday night I told her my night driving was sketchy right now. I was laughing so hard today when the dog was morphing into a human I had to put the book down to breathe and dry my eyes. Can't wait to see Natalya's home. Other than that it's just finishing unboxing and putting up and starting to wrap for Christmas. Can't wait for a weekend - I'm not on call again until New Year's week.

    Cecelia is doing good - she nailed an interview with a doc to work in a lab called TEMPT and she is so excited. Also got some travel abroad honor award. I was worried about her bc she called in agony on Monday in the midst of my physical distress. Sometimes a girl's gotta cry to her momma and it makes everything better. S is excited there is some retired hedge fund guy who researched water for 10 years and is building a plant in Hot Springs. Also restoring a dilapidated barn as a visitor center for lectures and museum. He wants to enter it in magazines and make a splash and win awards. He loves S's design. 

    We have some exciting things brewing in our company that are too early to talk about but I'm vibrating with possibility. Pathology is moving into some amazing new technology and we are trying to be proactive so we don't become obsolete. I think we are on the forefront. Rex and Dianne both heard about it at the party and said they are glad they are retired but I'm happy to be a part of it. Hope you are having a good week. Much love, Elizabeth

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