Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Pole Dancing

     Christy and I are planning a trip to Vegas, in April or May. I'm dying to go - I said, I've only been to the airport. I want to stay at the Bellagio. Let's find out who is playing and see some shows and shop and spa. I've been there once, she said, it's truly five stars. We should find some pole dancing classes. I'm pretty sure my OT would recommend against that, I said.

    A few years ago Christy took pole dancing classes. She even arranged a group one for some of us but it was in NLR if I recall and there was a storm of the ages so we all canceled. Girl, you could do it. I'm the only one who has failed pole dancing class four times. I never got off the ground. But it was fun! You need booty shorts, I told her I'm pretty sure I'm past my booty short prime. She said she could lend me some. I was in the class with strippers, she said, they were all wearing them so even though I'm pretty sure I looked bad I wore them to keep up.

    Did I ever tell you about the sticky spray? She asked. No, please tell. Well, they use this sticky spray to help you stick to the pole. Which I never did. But it turns you into a human lint brush. Dirt, dog hair, you name it. You really need to shower right away. But it's ok if you stay on the floor, you still learn things. Good kitty and bad kitty. With bad kitty you have your back up and with good kitty you relax on your thighs and squeeze your arms together and push up your tits and toss your hair. I LOLOL'd.

    She started some new exercise program with some NFL superstar who is retired and lives in her complex. She's excited - she wants me to come to her session next Thursday and meet him. Well, I don't want to do an intake interview, but I'll watch you and see if it is something I might be interested in and see if he offers one on one sessions in the evening it would be tough for me to get to Rahling Road from Baptist in rush hour. David is his name, I forget the last, but I googled him at her urgency a few months ago and he is very legit. And awfully cute. He and his wife have two young kids Christy gifted them with toys when they moved in.

    This week has been hard, but Cecelia is better so I'm better. She's invited her three new friends she is planning to live off campus with next year to come to Spring Break with us so I've got to e-mail the person in charge of the luxury rental and tell her I want the luxury apartment out back too. Rennie is turning eight this weekend - Rachel planned a party at Maumelle Park in a pavilion so I shopped at the Baptist gift shop and scored and just wrapped presents. I'm so excited.

    We had a partner meeting Monday night. We don't do this often enough - I need to change that when I am Chief, so whenever we do it becomes heated. Once, years ago, in the private party room at Cheers, I thought I was going to have to fight off blows between a couple of them. We are trying to decide if we want to hire or not that bonus without Rex was nice but I'm sick of having to take a beta blocker by noon to finish off the stressful day so my vote is hire. We will see where that goes. It's moving in a positive direction.

    We had three autopsy requests last week - the PA at UAMS who is taking them wondered overwhelmingly how many of these do you get in a year? This is the only three, Jessica told her. Bad things happen in threes. Good things also happen in threes. I'm glad to be off call. Full week of work but I'm off next Wed through Friday and we are heading back to Eureka to the Emily Dickinson suite - never been to that one but the pics online look amazing. Happy Tuesday. Much love, Elizabeth.

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