Monday, November 15, 2021

Penthouse Suite

     Christy just booked the penthouse suite at the Bellagio in April and I'm over the moon, so is she. Two king bedrooms, two full baths, a shared living area and a half bath. I spent about a half hour researching restaurants today and made a list of eight. We are only going three nights at the end of April - I said let's do Sunday through Wednesday so we can get a better chance at getting into the good restaurants. After this blog I'm going to go on their website and geek out over the room. She said they have villas, with butler service, but you have to buy them. And I told them I want good room service but I don't want a butler crawling up my ass. This is your compromise, they assured her.

    There was a fourth autopsy last week, actually a third, bc one of them was canceled due to their only needing chromosome analysis and we can do that on formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue. No need for formal autopsy. When I went into the gross room this morning Jessica said I finally sent the baby over to UAMS. It was from another hospital, a 37 week stillborn. I cussed last week when she told me it would fall to me. I haven't done an almost full term baby since I was a resident at Children's. When was the last time you did one that far along?

    In 2018, she said. Well that is morgue material, and I'm not doing it. Shaver said we do babies, she said, and I said he can do all the babies he wants but Becky over at SVI told me their cutoff is 20 weeks and that is what mine is going to be. Send it over. It took quite a bit of finagling, but it finally happened. 

    My GI sx have ramped up in the past two weeks which is disheartening. I had to leave Rennie's bday party early and I didn’t make the concert past one song from the headliners. But Adam Faucett was good and S and I chatted with Jon Palmer Kricia's husband and Kevin Hefner a nephrologist so it was fun. Had a couple of beers. Enjoyed the evening. I slept like a log when I got home. 

    We are taking C and J and their friends Joelle and Sef (Yousef's kids!) to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise in Nashville after Christmas. They are over the moon - I'm glad my kids are addicted to Indie bands and not Harry Styles Amy Weidower told me the tickets were over 600 bucks ours were only 50 plus bucks a person. So reasonable we got our own lane - the venue is Brooklyn Bowl - with up to 200 of food and drinks. I perused the menu today and placed my order. S and I plan to get the kids established and pay the credit card and listen for a bit then head back to the hotel and let them have fun on their own. RKS plays in my head sometimes it was so ubiquitous for a while. 

    Enjoying more Merlin with Jack and the third season of Succession and more Invasion, which we almost abandoned, but it picked back up after a while. So happy tomorrow is my Friday. I've got OT lined up (which I aced on Friday - might finally graduate) and Ruby on Wednesday and Maddy on Friday morning. Then Eureka. Hope your week is going well. Much love, Elizabeth

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