Thursday, November 4, 2021

Covid Update

     This call week has been hell but today was the best day we got all our cases on time and I had a decent lunch break. Then I finally had time to check my email and some CAP person said I was overdue for an inspection and I had three months to complete it. Not true. I never agreed to inspect that lab. Well Staggs did, and he said you would do it. WTF. I told her I've been doing inspections for over 12 years and we just lost our lab director there and the second in command and we are not equipped to do that. And please send me the form that I usually sign with Stagg's signature because he has never done that before. This is a waste of my time.

    She deep dived into her emails and said that I was right, it was her mistake, but would we still do it. Plan an inspection in three months over the holidays with a lab in complete chaos? Hell no. I will provide backup if you can send five people. Luckily in the meantime I had called Mary and she said we were not even equipped to handle that lab from NLR, it had tons of AP that they don't even do. She pressed and pressed and I pushed back kindly but firmly and when she offered to take me off of the assignment bc it was her mistake I gladly took her up on it. 

    In the meantime I had time to watch Mandee's Covid update - we have to watch and sign a form that we did in order to participate in some incentive stuff. I gladly did - I learned a lot about the upcoming new horizon on Covid - even though we are declining we are not out of the woods. We are only 48% fully vaxxed in AR. Any new variant could knock us back on our ass. They are flailing in the UK, but good news is that most of the new cases aren't sending people to the hospital there. 

    Stephanie was busy with her yearly C.E's so I had Maude on Tuesday. She is a grandmother and asked me all about Covid. I told her that it's definitely not as prevalent and our ICU's, while still full, are not mostly Covid. She wondered if we are out of the woods. I told her there are a lot of other species, not just human, that are vying to live and Covid is not an exception. It's not personal, I said, it's Darwinism. Then I read an article over lunch that was called Gaia theory I think? I loved it. The Earth is a living organism, and if we humans abuse it it will push back. That's part of what's going on here. The Earth, the animals, the bacteria, the viruses, they are pushing back on our abuse and if we think we will win, we are stupid.

    Mandee said there was a recent update by the ADH that said the invasive fungal species - Mucormycosis and the like - are seeing a resurgence in post Covid patients. They are getting a lot more reports than usual of its presence attacking humans. And Strongyloides is attacking the Hamptons and immigrant Texas communities. Parasites that normally plague third world countries. Ones that plagued the South at the beginning of the 20th century. Earth is fighting back. Go Earth.

    Cecelia is doing well - she is coming in town this weekend to volunteer at Camp Aldersgate and we are planning brunch at SOM on Sunday. I hear the weather is supposed to be amazing from the guy that works at the liquor store. He raved about the pumpkin roll planned in Hillcrest but I've got work on Saturday and a gross room party planned at Laurie's on Saturday night. Jessica is going to drive me I've been invited to the game. I'd rather sleep in on Sunday than go to a pumpkin roll.

    I was bragging to Jeff I had a game invite - he is always trying to talk sports but that's not my forte. Who are we playing? I wondered. Mississippi State, he said. Are we going to win? He's not optimistic but said it could be close. Savanna is like you, Jessica said during a frozen, she doesn't know football. Well we will either sit in the corner and talk about something else or pretend to know what is happening. Savanna laughed. RAH RAH RAH. I can pretend too, I said. Might be fun.

    Deep diving now into a box of wine. Boxes are so much more financially prudent. They kind of remind me of the prostate. At the beginning they are young and have a strong stream but when you reach the end they flag and spit like a hypertrophic prostate that is blocking the urethra and needs surgery to relieve the issue. Finished Clickbait it was so good. Kimberly recommended Invasion it's on Apple TV and we started it last night it was really good. Looking forward to watching more. Happy Friday Eve, much love, Elizabeth.

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