Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Toilet Talk

     When I went to Orlando to a conference with my friend Trish pre-pandemic we were walking and talking and wondering why the hell it took so long for guys to use the bathroom. When you have to go, you go. Once my Chief Shaver incredulously posited who wouldn't take their phone to the bathroom. Who would? I wondered. S says that most of the time is spent on the phone. But wouldn't that time be better spent in your office on the phone? Or on the couch? 

    My ex told me that when he is in a group stall they are all wondering and talking. How's it going? That seemed so cringy to me. The bathroom across the hall, the one that doesn't have the security lock to protect the public from the heinous of it all, has been my go to. Occasionally you enter and there is a girl in the stall or a guy in the urinal and you are like WTF? But most of the time it's ok. 1990's, not 1960's with no cleaning crew. 

    S is the opposite he still likes to take his time but he's OCD as hell and cannot stand public bathrooms. I empathize. He waits until he gets home and it takes some time but I like alone time so I'm  not complaining. 

    When Jack was in elementary school he would leave the table at the end of a meal out, like 75% of the time. I guess the GI tract was still developing. He got a load, and he had to get rid of it. Sometimes he wouldn't tell us. We would be looking for the check and he was nowhere in sight and we would all just roll our eyes. Gonna be another half hour at least. Forget the check order another glass of wine. Get dessert. 

    It was a horrendously crazy day. But hell, I'm getting the best bonus days of my career and still leaving at a decent time. So there's that. Happy Thursday Eve. Much love, Elizabeth

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