Thursday, October 21, 2021

Put the Petal to the Mettle

     The first three days of this week were nonstop batshit crazy. Needles, double the cases, you name it. So it was nice to have a slower day - a day to walk outside on breaks and read the news. Take a decent lunch break. No needles today - so hoping tomorrow will be the same. I take over chief duties in January, gives me time to finish out the year and party plan. Ease on in. 

      I hadn't been to general CARTI tumor board in a while - mostly covering ENT, so it was good to see Diane and Tom Sneed it's been awhile. And Joe Beck - he's a card. There was a case Tom presented - some guy that had a painful nasal mass. Two biopsies have been attempted but the first was read as a Schneiderian papilloma and the second was inconclusive for cancer according to Tom and he was trying to decide what to do. This isn't growing like a benign thing, but we cannot get a cancer diagnosis. Both read by our group, but not me.

    Joe Beck likened it to sticking a needle in raisin bread. Sometimes you get the juicy bit, but sometimes you get just fluff. Eww I hate raisins but it was nice not to be blamed. He's right though. Some nuts are harder to crack. They decided to treat it like it was malignant and try to shrink it with their fancy named drugs before they operated, which at this point would require extensive forehead flaps and more pain. Sometimes you have to treat the lesion, and not the diagnosis.

    Jessica finally got badge required restricted access to the gross room. They are all over the moon. I was in there yesterday and someone was trying to get in and they were giggling. They opened the door and accepted the specimens but told the messengers that in the future, they needed to use their badge to access the OR and deliver it though the window. Weeding out the interruptions slowly. I was in there even though I was covering needles bc Kimberly got some rye bread from BVD and was trying to get rid of it. The secretaries weren't biting, so I told her let me see if Jess wants it she loves rye. 

    She was so excited Joe Shaver made fun of her. How can you be over the moon about week old rye? It's the German in me, she said. I could do lots with that bread. Reubens, homemade croutons, it would be great with a fried egg in the morning. She texted me a pic last night of her dinner with rye bread and soup. I showed Kimberly this morning and she was gleeful. I'll never forget that - can't wait to treat Jess in the future. 

    Kimberly treats everyone. She's had a hard life, and she loves working for us. She's so positive and giving and hardworking. She's a lesson in how to be a person. She often texts me pics of what she's meditating over early in the morning - long before work. She's transformed transcription into a place of joy. She waits on the transcriptionists hand and foot - bringing them ice and doing a lot of the dirty work with pleasure. What others would consider dirty work, anyway. She offered to take my trash today and I said sorry girl I beat you to it. She tells me about Jacinda and another new cook at Boulevard - they are harder to get to know with the language barrier - and how amazing they are. So I gift them too. 

    I talked to Mom and Dad just now their house is really coming together. I'm on call New Year's week so cannot go this year but am planning a solo long weekend in February. I'm working a lot harder than I ever have, but it's kind of worth it. Got the biggest bonus in history this month and planning lots of house projects. Need to get in touch with my financial officer next week - I often give but I'd like to do some planned tithing so I can be organized about it. 

    Speaking of I got a weird fax earlier in the week. Kimberly brought it. It was to Elizabeth Nestrud. It was from a law firm that said I had a relative in Canada - another Dr. Nestrud, who was in a car crash 9 years ago and no one had claimed the money from this ancient stone dealer (that made me giggle). 11.9 million dollars. That is so fake, I told her,  but I have to check it out? I got a similar letter from a law firm in California a few years back but I knew Uncle Lorne and it was 5K so it made more sense and they sent lots of paperwork to claim it.

    I couldn't not check it out. Kimberly's brother Kyle is a PI so she gave me his contact info to look into it - I did not have the time. Another red flag was that I only had 30 days to claim it. I texted Kyle a pic of the fax and said I am 99.9% sure this is a hoax. But the point 000001 chance had me in a bit of a daydream for a half hour. The first thing I'd do, I decided, was buy Kimberly a car her van crapped out on her and she's been struggling. Then I'd contact my financial advisor and figure out how to give. I told Kimberly, at least the fax moved my bowels. She laughed and said if that's the only benefit it's worth it.

    Sure enough Kyle texted and told me it was a scam. I wasn't surprised. I told him my family moved from Norway to Canada - that's where the fax was from/unknown deceased relative resided. I said it had just enough truth to keep me mildly intrigued. He said it was an old scam. Surprised it was still in use. You would be amazed, he texted, how much info you can get on someone for just 12 bucks. I tried to pay him but he waived the fee. Thanks a bunch, I said. 

    Happy almost Friday. I'm booking lots of relaxing appointments for next week, looking forward to it. Cecelia is coming in town this weekend (YAY!) and she's got quite an agenda but it involves staying here Friday night and grocery shopping with her Saturday morning and spending a few hours as a blended family at the fair in the afternoon. Rach will host brunch on Sunday. Big social experiment in the works - we decided to book a luxury home in Crested Butte together for Spring Break. I promised Rach first dibs on a room - there is more than one King. It's actually the same place I went with Katie and Becky and the kids when I first got divorced - when they first learned to ski. I remember staring at the snowy hills at night marveling at the snowplows and enjoying reading by the fire with the snow raging outside. It's a beautiful home. Much love, Elizabeth

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