Monday, October 25, 2021

Monday Madness

     I only had four cases to finish this morning which should have taken me a half hour. I came in all sunny bringing the secretaries gifts from Walgreen's - nuts this time cause you gotta balance the candy out. Honey roasted pistachios, chili lime ones, smoked BBQ, and some corn nuts too. We chatted and I looked at my immunos - three of the cases were hard and I had to dole them out for consult. No worries - I visited Savanna and Joe and Laurie in the gross room and Shelby and Avery at BVD - noticed they were training a new guy. Shelby is coming to work for us November 8. She was sweating the application last Friday I told her no worries it's an ancient form. Give your two weeks and take a little time for yourself. She was taking her cat Eclipse to a vet in Hot Springs for a second opinion and it was good to hear he was gonna be ok.

    I went to release in CoPath and there was this funky mode - the secretaries couldn't figure it out but I did eventually on my own. Then I went to release cases and none were typed. Where are my cases? I asked. I dictated one almost an hour ago. One of them got on the other two and I waited impatiently cause it took her almost a half hour to do what I could have done in five minutes. Shaver came with the third consult as I was walking out the door. I'll be back I'm done here. Do you want me to do it for you? Suspicious is where I landed. That's where I was too. Please. I'm way to mad on my day off to wait around another half hour. This is ridiculous I have call days that take me less time.

    Wound down at Edward's - planning a meatball dinner for C's send off back to college. Just the four of us. I desperately need a pedicure but I've got all week there will be no more driving today. Got lunch planned with Christy on Thursday - long one at Trio's - then we both have 90 minute massages. That day is S and I's five year anniversary! We are headed to Eureka for a long weekend on Friday and I'm so excited got the Amelia Earhart room again that one has the best back patio it's really excluded perfect for wine and music. I might take a nap this afternoon. Took one yesterday and it was lovely. Never to late to become a napper. 

    Looking forward to domestic activity as well. I had to get some dishwasher pods at Edwards bc I  accidentally bought clothes washing pods for the dishwasher. All these damn pods look the same these days. And it's easy to screw up at the grocery bc masks and no glasses - it's hard to read the fine print. A couple of glasses of wine and a long overdue chat with Christy has me in a better mood. Happy Monday - hope yours is less stressful. Much love, Elizabeth

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