Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Harvest Moon

     I'm not sure if it's tonight or last night but it sure felt like a full moon today. Things got a little crazy from about 11-3. Jack had to leave school because he was seeing spots and getting dizzy and hypertensive. I had scheduled the job interview for Shelby at 1pm and learned yesterday I had to run a micro QA from 1-2. And I was covering needles. I couldn't clone myself, and I was worried about Jack. I told Marti and Amy I'd be late to the QA and to start without me. I went outside before I picked up Shelby at Boulevard at 5 to one and walked. Paced, stared at the trees to calm down. Micro QA used to be just lab but lately they've added all the ID docs and it's stressful. There was a strange guy, and old man in a black tracksuit with a black and fluorescent yellow backpack that was pacing erratically. I wondered if he was a geri psych patient. He unnerved me, so I went to the gift shop to peruse the merch.

    I walked over to BV to get a water and wait for Shelby. I walked right past the CEO, waiting on his coffee, and decompressed talking to Avery. You are a sight for sore eyes, she said, and we commiserated about our day. Then we talked about the fair. She hasn't been in a while, me neither, and we talked about wanting to go this weekend. She never liked scary rides, and I've had to step back from them as I have aged from vertigo. But the other stuff. The corn dogs. The funnel cakes. Both don't fit into my gluten free diet right now but to smell them would be enough. The turkey legs, she said. The livestock shows, I thought. We were going to heat the pool this weekend, but it looks cloudy so maybe I will go to the fair if I can talk S into it. 

    I got Shelby settled in to meet Jessica and Keith was late, so I called him. Oh! I forgot. I've got to do this thing and I'll be there ASAP. He showed up about 1:10 and said he did something he has never had to do in his career. A patient, coming from Hope, did not want to drive an extra two blocks to deliver a bill so Keith had to meet him at the hospital with a receipt to receive the payment. Was he wearing a black tracksuit? I wondered. That's the guy, Keith said. He had those things women use to put their hair up on his pockets. Bobby pins? Jessica and Shelby and I finally guessed and he said yes. The man said if you ever were pickpocketed in Chicago you would do the same it works. He painstakingly removed one and gave Keith cash - he showed us the proof in his front pocket. He then went for the 77 cent change owed in the other pocket and Keith said no worries, we will eat that. 

    Then I got called to rad for a thyroid. Sarah told me earlier when I went to the first one that there would be three. So we get to bond. Bond we did. I tried unsuccessfully to join the Microbiology Google meet and decided it was fate. I needed to chill and ponytail and breathe. Marti came later with the minutes to review and sign and we talked about what I had missed, which was nothing bc I attend huddle every day. I learned this morning Greg Crain finally approved the WASP. I saw a presentation on that like 7 years ago I said. Change does move at a glacial pace but this is HUGE. I googled it this morning geeking out before cases came and I cannot remember what the acronym stands for but it is super amazing. Revolutionizing specimen processing. It's a Biomerieux product. 

    Jack made us watch the first two episodes of Maid with him last night and it was super intense. So much so that my left eye kept leaking and I was filled with emotion. I told Kimberly this morning I always felt guilty if I felt sorry for myself as a single mom bc I had the financial means to secure aid. But it was hard, and that show brought it back. Working. Supporting. Attending all of the school functions - getting covered. My neighbor at the time, Birdie, told me I needed to get friends. I have friends, I said, but I'm too exhausted for friends. Work and kids and books and wine were all I had time for. An opportunity for growth, Kimberly said, and I agreed.

    I'm off next week - a staycation - and I texted Yousef and Lisa today to set up appointments it's been months. Need to plug in with chiropractor too my upper back is killing me. I did the best ever in OT today I think all that Marco Polo and racing underwater with Rennie over the weekend really loosened things up and helped me heal. Whitney and Steph were also watching Maid - Steph is a single mom to a 3 and 14 year old - and even though Whitney has no kids and has never been a single mom she said she was bawling. She told me that the daughter in the show is Andie McDowell's daughter IRL and it makes me even more excited to watch it. If Jack hadn't told me it had a happy ending I'd have to quit. 

    I assume Chief duties in January. I volunteered my house for Christmas Eve this week for all the Nestrud's and Dickinson's in town - I'm off. I also planned a retirement party for docs on December 4 for Rex. Crawling out of the pandemic, slowly but surely. Jeff from security - he's becoming fishing friends with Tina's husband Reggie - asked me what I was going to do next week. It's my fifth anniversary, I said, and we are headed to Eureka for a long weekend Friday. He has never been, so I launched into a diatribe about its attributes. 

    There's this restaurant called the Grotto built in the side of a cave. They have this appetizer, quail poppers, that is one of my favorite foods on the planet. Jeff grinned. I love quail! My college roommate and I hunted it all the time. It used to be easy to find, but now it is scarce. We baked it we grilled it you name it we enjoyed it so much. I hear they have good quail in Brinkley, if you are interested. I love the memories of my dad taking us to the Passion Play too, and staying in the Crescent and getting those cheesy old time photos were you dress up like you lived in the 1800's. Good times. 

    Planning to wind down and grill maybe when S is back from his bike ride. Just watched a Merlin with J. Went on an Epic shopping trip yesterday to feed these hungry boys - I won't let them touch the pantry or the fridge that is my territory to keep organized even though they offer. They have strengths in other areas that I depend on. I want to be one of them in my next life - the endless energy, the bottomless pits for food. Happy almost hump day. Much love, Elizabeth

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