Saturday, October 9, 2021


     I walked into the Dr. Lounge yesterday morning. Bit of a kerfluffle. Geisha - I haven't mentioned her I think - is leaving in a huff. Top secret where she is going. She's a little worried and paranoid. Shay and Tammish aren't talking either - about that anyway. I ducked behind the counter earlier in the week and talked to her. We aren't them. They don't care about us either. We commiserated. She's super cute and spunky. A few months ago I wandered into the dr. lounge and she was ranting to Tam, then me. Then she stopped, and left. I laughed at Tam. She does that? Just goes off and then leaves? It's her signature, said Tammy, and we both LOL'd. Tammy lives in England. She's got a daughter about my age. She isn't going anywhere, thank goodness. When the Dr. lounge moved with the new admin a few years ago everyone fought for her. They tried to replace her. She's irreplaceable. 

    Then I went to get a water or two and John Sims was the only doc eating. How are you? I said. I haven't seen you this week. I've been at an ENT conference in LA, he said. I'm making up for it in the OR today. I'd better warn Shaver, I told him. He's on call. John is the freezer, if you remember. No, tell him it's ok, I only have one case with frozens and I won't go past four. Shaver said I hope he holds up to his promise.

    I had five consults before 8, it sucked. Hard cases. Sometimes I don't have five consults in a week. I felt like the gross room earmarked me for bone and soft tissue, which is super rare and I abhor. C texted me at 9:16. Your therapist is calling me. I was super confused. I haven't used Yousef in months. She's from Baptist, C said. I grabbed a piece of paper with OT on it. Yeah, Stephanie was trying to call you. Wondering where you are. I was coming at 10? I got covered? Oh, we had you at 9 but that works she's free then. How in the holy hell she had C's number remains a hellacious mystery to me. 

    I had called Shaver at 9 to ask him to cover me for OT. He said sure, who are you having tea with? Good god me and the secretaries LOLOLd over that. I explained, and he said he thought I was really fancy going to have tea. But he was up to cover? What's next, I asked Tina and the gals. Massage? Hair did? Take the day off for fun? He opened a door that cannot be closed. 

    Stephanie said I was up for reassessment but I was so stressed and tight she decided to put it off. She took it easy on me. I brought pimento and cookies bc it was  Chris's last day (bawl). We made lists of our fave books for each other. It's gonna take me a year or so to get through his. I love that one of his faves is The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - I told him I loved that so much I read it twice. I didn't see him last week bc he was out due to migraines. He and his gf are headed to Kalahari next weekend on my rec I told him he has to tell me all about it. That buffet. The candied jalapenos. The smoked salmon. The capers. YUM. Planning to take Jack and a friend next summer. I think I'm going to invite Chris to the next book club. Gender be damned. He's a card.

    S is grouting and J is sleeping and I'm headed out to the pool. S heated it for the weekend and I cannot wait to read and relax. Recently started following Annika on Insta - she's a weight lifter like J. She spotted him two hundred this week. I graduated to three pounds LOL. I told Carrie to come over and see the house and catch up it's been way too long. Looking forward to that. Happy weekend, Much love E


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