Thursday, October 28, 2021

Apocalyptic Melrose Place

     I just had lunch with Christie it was lovely. Guacamole and pumpkin soup and Kahlua cake I'm probably not spelling that right but too tired to look it up. It's been a hard couple of days. Sometimes when you have a lot of time to yourself you start processing shit that you had to stuff. In the past 48 hours I've been not drunk dialing way to many people to get me out of a bad headspace. Mary, Daniel's wife really helped yesterday. And I reconnected with Marcie and Conley - we are having dinner next week at The Terrace. Caught up with Deidre last night late - she was working in her new business space. Christy and I plan to throw a party there after the holidays.

    I've told Sean that Christie's apartment complex is like an apocalyptic Melrose Place, since the pandemic. The neighbors are all rich widows and divorcees and they take care of each other. Christie is a guardian for a 4 or 5 year old Monroe, and sees him every Wednesday with his mother, who is going through a tough divorce. Monroe is precious - I met him a year and a half ago and their bond has strengthened over time she is besotted. Last week they went to the fair and yesterday she staged a Halloween he will never forget. Christy texted all of her neighbors and she took him to every door where he was received warmly and treated. He dressed as a duck - his mom Haley made the costume it is so cute.

    I remember being about that age and my Dad taking me trick or treating. We lived on 3217 Shenandoah Valley Drive I was at the age your address was a mantra. I still think of it as a song. That space across from The Terrace that was a Blockbuster for years, not sure what it is now, used to be an office building. There were various businesses mostly insurance and maybe a dentist. Every year they had a big safe Halloween that was especially fun in the rain because there was an overhang you didn't get wet. Although there are plenty of times I remember my dad driving us around in the rain - Sara and I would jump out of the car with our baby umbrellas to trick or treat. I was super shy but the office workers dressed up and decorated their spaces and gave us candy and oohed and aahhed over our costumes. Monroe is going to remember last night forever, I told her.

    At her condo there is plenty of adult fun too (some to spicy to mention) - they all text and meet at the cabana for drinks. Some host Cajun nights. Christy is usually in her pj's by nine - the preferred witching hour of those around 50. She bragged over lunch - Monroe's Halloween was over by 5. I planned it. Isn't that perfect? Halloween should be over by 5. I agreed. Give the adults time to wind down and relax. She said she prescreened the gift baskets and made sure most of the offensive toys were sent back to bio dad. Remember those gooey things you throw around. Yes, I cringed. They got stuck on ceilings and made permanent spots on the paint. He got all the pixie sticks too, and I made sure Monroe knew how to open them. I laughed.

    My massage got canceled - I was going to go with a new girl named Courtney, but she had a death in the family. I told Christy over lunch she said she would go through with it if I really wanted and I texted back hell no I'm sending love take care of you. Can you imagine, said Christie (I'm not sure if it's y or ie can you tell?), a guilt massage? Hell no. She bent over backwards to reschedule for tomorrow. But I'm seeing Yousef for the first time in months in the morning and want to have time to pack in a relaxing fashion. Courtney said she was sorry to be the bearer of bad news on my anniversary. Well bad news is relative, right? I'm not dealing with death, just stress.

    Cecelia is good though so it's a good time to process supporting her. She is wanting to bring three friends to Colorado for the Grand Social Experiment and she's almost talked her dad into letting them rent the luxury apartment out back. It's not much extra and I want to meet Bailey and Harper and the other kid she is signing a lease with right now to live with next year. If we sign at lease this week, mom, we get a discount. That kid is so frugal but I love the organization. I'm not a helicopter parent, I wasn't helicopter parented, and I think they are better for it. Needing to figure out some podcast thing, it might not happen today bc it intimidates me as much as the breastpump machine many years ago but it's on the radar. Happy Thursday, much love, Elizabeth.


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