Thursday, September 23, 2021


     I think I talked already about CAP trying to get me to do an inspection with a month's notice in freaking June. I staved them off, and they gave me a new assignment to a Memphis lab in October through the beginning of December, which I accepted. We worked hard to assemble a team from NLR and despite the fact that Polly, the head of the lab there, resigned early, we settled on the dates November 9 and 10th. In the pandemic world inspections are no longer a surprise. So I was on a group email with the director of the Memphis lab and CAP. 

    The director emailed me directly earlier this week - seems he has accepted another job and wondered if we could move the inspection to October. No, I said, not possible. How about the week after Thanksgiving? Hell to the no (but I was more polite). See, the way this works, we get a window, they give blackout dates, and we plan. It's tough to assemble a team with lab shortages in a freaking pandemic. Talk to CAP if you have a problem, I said. 

    So today CAP emailed me and wondered if I could do an inspection in October. NO. I already told him NO. Well we could help you, she said, if there are shortages. NO. I'm not available the entire month of October. Why don't you tell me your availability, she queried? (Are you fing serious?!!) We planned the inspection for November 9/10, he said he will be available by phone, I cannot reassemble a team on such short notice. 

    This is such a waste of my time. CAP knows we planned a team to go - she could have consulted with her office, but was bending over backwards to accommodate Memphis. As an aside, I also got an email from CAP this week asking me to go above and beyond to do more inspections. Which I promptly deleted without answer. I told her I cannot provide extra services at a lab's whim at last notice with low staffing. We will be there November 9/10 unless you tell me otherwise. Ok I'll investigate and let you know. UGH. I got so shaking mad after a lovely and productive morning I had to vent and spit anger to my chief and the gross room and go outside to try to chill.

    Even the water feature at Baptist is not designed to chill it looks like a giant ejaculating dick angering all of the water in the pool. Figures. I told Shaver we are working so much harder and it seems like admin and our accrediting institutions are pissing on us. There is no love, only productivity!!! Let's give them candy bars and Girl Scout cookies and keep them short staffed. I learned today that admin is groomed. Get your masters in health admin and you too can be a VP and make ten times more than the people that actually spent almost twenty years of their lives training for their role. I was so shaking mad. Let's not even get into the daily emails from ABP reminding me to do my monkey CME questions before they are due at the end of the quarter (September 30). Yeah, I'll get on that ASAP.

    CoPath is finally getting a 15 year overdue update this weekend our reporting will be incapacitated from Friday at 5 to Monday morning. Seems I'm supposed to move everything I don't want lost on my desktop to a J Drive (How the hell? Show me!). Shaver thinks they will save it all and restore but after losing a bunch of stuff on my desktop a few years ago (no warning back then) with an unplanned upgrade I'm not as trusting. Looks like I will be going in Sunday to make sure I can actually work on Monday. 

    Surgical Pavilion dumped like 50 specimens on the gross room this afternoon despite Jessica begging for more trips to keep us from getting bogged down. I'm so over it all. Admin (none of whom have any idea of what the hell we do or our needs but hey! Here's a Hershey bar!), our accrediting institutions - seems like we are in the same hell as everyone else. One of my lab directors was lamenting - we could be growing weed in the lab and no one would know or care - LOL - and I just commiserated. They have no idea what we do. The people in charge. The state of healthcare is mimicking the apocalyptic conditions of the world. Bad decisions are being made - ones that cost more money. No one asks me. If they did I'm sure my opinion would fall on deaf ears.

    On a good note Jack and I are watching a series together - he's already seen it twice and is loving sharing it with me. Merlin on Netflix. Planning to take C and Joelle to dinner in Conway tomorrow night. OT will be fun even though I have to get covered bc I'm surprise covering all day frozens. I hope we get a good turnout at book club Saturday night. Weather is amazing and I told them all I'd heat up the pool. Happy Thursday, much love, Elizabeth

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