Tuesday, September 21, 2021


     I just love OT. I had my two month follow up with Dr. Gilliam today and I told him can I please have more OT. I want to be an OT in my next life. He seemed as amused as a stern graying white orthopedic surgeon could muster and wrote me a script for a few more weeks, along with some Ibuprofen. I know you don't need it for the pain, he said, but please consider taking it to reduce persisting inflammation. That might improve your OT sessions and your range of motion. Makes sense.

    This morning I had OT and Stephanie has astutely noticed the connection between me and Chris, I forgot his last name, the English prof at UALR, and has scheduled us together. I told him how much I liked The Boy Who Drew Auschwitz - I gave it to S's dad who is a big reader we love to talk books. I told him I'm hosting my second pandemic book club this Saturday and of course he read the memoir. I just finished scouring my bookshelves making a list for him - authors I know he's probably read to discuss and authors I think he hasn't to try to surprise him with. He told me he would make me a list for Friday too I'm over the moon. Our impressions of the two books I read on Trish's rec were spot on similar. He's a kindred spirit.

    As is Stephanie, I gave Gilliam glowing reviews. Was showing everyone in OT picks of the amazing resort I stayed at last week. Stephanie had been asked to a Zoo Wine night by her boyfriend when I last saw her and she was showing me pics of dresses asking my opinion. She gushed today about the event and showed me pics of them. Last week I was telling her and Whitney about my expansion. Stephanie has been a 34DD since puberty and was still wondering today if I had ever been measured before. Oh yes, I said, girl, I have been made fun of bc of my small size. But it's weird, doesn't make sense right? I guess I finally grew a pair. She LOL'd. You are so funny. And that dress is amazing! Going out of business Steinmart sale, I told her, RIP I loved that place. I told her I needed to find a strapless bra bc none of mine fit and this dress works well off the shoulder too. She warned me that it is very difficult, almost impossible, to find a good strapless bra in our size. Another challenge. I'm up for it. I graduated to the arm cycle today, I didn't know there was such a thing. I attacked it with gusto. Steph warned me to slow down - she prescribed me two minutes forward and two minutes backwards. 

    Did a thyroid frozen today for Sims and I was telling the girls all about the new drink C told me about called Celsius. It strenghthens your metabolism, is zero calories, and helps you burn fat. You are supposed to drink it before a workout, I said, I wonder if OT counts? That garnered a laugh. Laurie showed me a new drink called The Rowdy Mermaid she got at Whole Foods. The flavors looked incredible. There was another one called the Rowdy GI or something like that I told her if it calms a rowdy GI I'm all in but I've had a rowdy GI for over a year I'm just slowing so I'm not interested in a reawakening. I'm already woke.

    C is still having highs and lows adjusting and Heather in pharmacy and I were commiserating today. Her son Jake is a Freshman and she feels like a punching bag every time he calls. Isn't that funny, boys and girls with such different reactions to transition and homesickness, I said. C is depressed and anxious. She called me the other week in tears bc she GPS'd to a new class and got lost and showed up late and the teacher said she had to go change bc no shorts were allowed in lab. Total meltdown. Mom, it's going to take me 40 minutes turnaround time to get there! Heather said I know a girl mom describing the exact same story as you. But today was a happy day she made a new friend in a Freshman leadership group she has been attending weekly. We have a family gressage - Rachel named it a few weeks ago and I was like WTH? C explained group message mom. Duh. I told C today when she texted us that I love having a front row seat to her college transition and it takes time to make meaningful relationships so be patient. 

    Last year I was worried about J and now he's flying - won Sophomore Senator with the most votes by a landslide and is busy working out with friends. Last night he was meal prepping rice and chicken for lunches for the week. Where do these kids come from, I wonder. Now C is struggling but it's all a part of life and learning I think she will do ok. Work is still hella busy - it's raining uterine cancer this week - but it's doable. Happy Tuesday, much love, Elizabeth


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