Friday, September 10, 2021


     So I've had gnats in my office for a few months. So much so that I googled their meaning. In Native American culture they are all about transformation (what bug isn't?) but they didn't date back to Celtic times. The cool thing is that they feed off of dead things. They are the ultimate recyclers. I tried not to kill them but having a bug flying around you and your microscope is annoying. Staggs came in a couple of weeks ago to return a consult, and I was complaining, and he said he killed it. Five minutes later another one was plaguing me.

    I learned a couple of weeks ago it wasn't just me, they were bothering all the secretaries too and even Melody. My husband had some advice. He said an overturned glass of wine is the perfect receptacle to trap them. I bought a single serving cardboard box last week, intending for him to drink most of it and bringing the rest to work. He said it would not work unless it was a clear receptacle - they would find their way out of a cardboard vehicle looking for the light. So he packed me a glass of wine in a Coke Zero bottle.

    This morning I was looking for a Coke Zero and I saw a half drunk one in my fridge. Took a big swig and LOL'd. Wine at work! That's a new one in my fifteen years there. I told Melody and she said she bought a contraption that works well at her home to trap gnats. It looked like a tennis racquet with electric  capabilities. Weird thing is, as soon as she got it in the mail, the gnats went away. I told her I experienced the same thing with the bottle of Coke wine. Not needed. No more gnats. 

    Conway frozen was crazy. Probably malignant, but I didn't notice at first bc I was just counting neutrophils at high power. All of a sudden I hit an alien mitosis and was like WTH. Backed off to a lower power and realized that septic joint was the least of her problems. Bc it might be lymphoma we sent it to Staggs, who sent it off bc it was so weird. Maybe sarcoma. Maybe carcinoma. Time will tell.

    I'm off for a whole week so excited. S and I are planning to entertain again on Sunday - Lucy and Christy are coming and Sean and Avery and Alex are invited. Leaving for Austin on Tuesday to help prepare for his stepsister's wedding on Friday. We are staying at a fancy resort in Round Rock just a couple of miles from his dad and stepmom. Kalahari maybe? It has indoor bowling alley and amazing spa and 14 restaurants and indoor amusement and water parks. 

    So much breast cancer. Usually when I get seven cores half of them are B9 but not this week. All cancer. This morning I had bilateral masses - both cancer. A record for me. Happy getting to sleep in this weekend. Much love, Elizabeth

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