Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Day Three

         That's the day when you really suffer the sequelae of an accident. I was planning to take Kimberly and Tina out to dinner tonight - we had to postpone last time bc Kimberly's car was on the blink. But at about 11am I started having searing pain in my neck and my rib worse than even after the fall. An extra dose of prescription Ibuprofen didn't touch it - it was nerve pain. It hurt to breathe - I was compensating with shallow breaths. Yawning, belching (thanks Cherry Coke Zero) were excruciating. I was called to the OR to read a GI needle for Ali at 2 and it was tough to walk down the hall. I had Pam check the schedule - I was in the clear - and left early to rest. I told Hal I was going and why - he commiserated. I'm in terrible back pain, but still feel lucky to be alive, he said. 

    When I was complaining about the computer stuff to S the other night he remarked that he never saw someone so frustrated at getting a new computer. I thought they just added a monitor. I was incredulous when the mouse arrow went from one monitor to the next seamlessly - I still don't know what I'm going to do with the extra monitor but S uses three in his job and today I was thinking it might not be a bad thing to have Epic open on one and CoPath on another. Possibilities. I once told a venting Lucy, who has a fresh start at The Pantry (I need to go) that she needs to hold her cards closer to her chest. So I didn't tell S I wasn't sure about the new computer - I didn't want to look like an idiot. The next morning I looked under my desk and sure enough S was right - the black rectangle thing (hard drive? processor?) was brand new and about a fifth the size of its Draconian predecessor. 

    So I've been noticing the change - in CoPath the words I type glide rather than jumping staccato-like on the page. And in Excel there is a cool added visual feature when I order my special stains. And everything is faster. Still, dictation went down twice today and we were crippled. Jessica said it has wreaked hell in the gross room all week. The only reason they coughed up the bills to upgrade was because our computers only supported Windows 7, and we needed Windows 10 to continue to generate the reports. You'd think with such a major change they would station IT folks to help with the transition. Nope.

    When you have such a visible accident you get a lot of stories. Before my black eye came through on Tuesday I got a couple of people wondering if I was waxing my brow and left the strip on. I didn't even know that was a thing or what it might look like, but I was certain it was worse than what actually happened. I'll take klutzy over dementia any day. Stephanie my OT - I brought a dozen Boulevard cookies to the department yesterday - looked at me and asked if I had to fight for the cookies. My story is not so sexy, I told her, it's rather embarrassing. Whitney, the OT student, told me about her friend who broke her ankle over the weekend in a volleyball scrimmage. Cydney told me about the time he got a stray shotgun pellet in the skin under his eye while hunting - it caused bilateral black eyes for weeks and prompted his high school friends to text - we always knew you would be shot in the face but we never thought it would be by accident. But these people were doing things - sports. I'm just accident prone. But I'll gladly join that club.

    Speaking of clubs I told my head transcriptionist Tina about the D situation and she laughed and said Welcome to the Club! Christy has been giving me a lot of advice too. Strapless is apparently out, but demi cups are a thing? Need to google that. I walked in one morning last week and Tina called me D. It was early, I was wondering why she didn't call me E. Then I got it and LOL'd. Steph said you are Dr. D. She was demonstrating an exercise with stretchy bands anchored at the top of a door with a belt and said do this. Bring them down so, just to your girls. I smiled. My girls are a lot different these days. I asked Amanda at book club, she's breast rad, for an explanation she said if your girth is the same I have no physiologic explanation. So it's a miracle LOL.

    So excited to be heading up to Fville to see C on Friday - I'm off. Planning hair with Maddy in the am then driving in pm. Never stayed at the Chancellor (Graduate?) hotel it looks nice. Got reservations at Theo's early Saturday and C wants to take us to her favorite brunch place Arsagas on Sunday. She's calling less, which is a good sign. Amassing a huge care package to bring. So it's my almost Friday. Happy long weekend to me. Much love, Elizabeth


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