Tuesday, September 7, 2021

A Monday on a Tuesday

     As I was driving into work this morning Shaver sent a group text to the group. Apparently Quinn had a minor procedure while he was off last week and it reactivated his Covid neuro sx. Amnesia, insomnia, etc.  The doctors today said they think the anesthesia sparked an encephalitis that activated long Covid. So he was supposed to be on call this week but Melody took it for the team. Quinn is in more pain by missing work than attending so it's hard to be frustrated - he's probably spent more hours at Baptist over the years than all of us combined. Shaver divvied up his work to us all and it wasn't horrendous, but Melody reiterated what a lot of us are thinking - we desperately need to hire. 

    Then Jack called while I was in huddle and said that he had a sore throat. I called him into school and told him to rest. Spent much of the day worrying and trying to find a Covid test to make sure he was negative but two Walgreen's later we were SOL. "They sell out as soon as we get them in." I wondered aloud how us parents were expected to send our kids to school safely after being symptomatic when you can't get ahold of a freaking test. He was fine tonight. Ate two family servings of frozen Korean food. So I'm just gonna hold my breath on that one.

    Shaver told me today that Conway needs a frozen at one pm tomorrow can you go? Of course, I said, I've got lots to sign in the lab and Misty and I keep missing each other. He's going to get my afternoon frozens in LR covered and take care of anything that arrives past noon. It's a skeleton crew these days. 

    I had gastric and omental biopsies today the clinicians were calling about - the biopsies were done at 7pm Friday evening. It's always like this on a long holiday weekend - everyone clamoring for their dx. I was problem solving with the gross room how to get these done quicker on three day weekends - maybe they could call us and assess the need for short cycle. Nevertheless I got it signed out this afternoon. Both metastatic ovarian cancer - in the stomach? That's another one for the books. Fungating mass I would have placed my bet on a new primary but the stains said otherwise and Hal agreed. I'm starting to think weird is not weird it's the new norm and I'm wrapping my head around trying to get used to it. Hell I never would have guessed that bounty hunters on women in Texas would be a part of the smashing of the patriarchy so who's to say what cancer is going to do in the next couple of years.

    Jack asked for help making posters for his campaign for sophomore council this evening - we spent three hours perfecting his block letters and cutting and pasting his slogan for tomorrow. I love his slogan - love that it is his. When he asked for pics he said he wanted some without C because he didn't want to appear to ride on her coattails. And he admits his slogan is goofy, but it's also wonderful - I can't help thinking that if a girl campaigning described herself as a snack it would be much more delicate than a cis white male. Role reversal. We need to upend things.

    And I told Jack, campaigning as your wonderful self is a lot better than trying to be slick or cocky as a front. This applies to more things in life than sophomore senator - it is true of anything you ever campaign for including your friends or your love interest. We laughed that we could have used the computer to be more efficient but I loved that he executed his idea and I was his sous chef and we bonded. Happy Tuesday, much love, Elizabeth


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