Sunday, August 29, 2021

Rooster Booster

     So Doc Book Club got canceled. Amanda got the booster shot and it kicked her ass. I'm going to wait to get mine until next Friday when I'm not on call so I can recover if it does the same to me. Plus the community transmission rates are high, 20% someone said, so not so safe for gathering. I offered my backyard as backup to try to gather in September or October and the reception was good. 

    When I went to Shipley's to get donuts for the lab this morning the line was out the door and no one was wearing a mask. Felt like a septic tank as I observed from my car so I went to Edward's and got bfast food there. Luckily call Saturday was light - I finished up before 10 am and ran errands. Picked up some shoes from the cobbler. Went by Boulevard in the Heights. Avery was working - she said she was so happy to see me. I told her I was going to get coffee but that line looks daunting - she said I'll make you whatever you want. I said what are you making? Iced chai. I want that.

    She said her new fave is iced matcha tea with lavender I told her I'd order that next week at BVD Baptist. I told her book club was canceled and why she LOL'd. I wondered why. Was it the fact that I mentioned breast rad? We throw breasts around in medicine so casually I imagine no one else mentions them as much except in the porn industry and even there they have to bring them up heavy with mood. We get to be cold and clinical. But no, Avery thought I said Amanda got a rooster that kicked her ass LOL. Masks create silly chaos. Especially with me - I cannot hear worth shit and depend on lip reading so this whole pandemic thing has been challenging.

    The smaller doc book club text group was lamenting over delta Covid. Apparently a lot of clinicians, vaccinated ones, have been getting breakthrough Covid and while they are staying out of the hospital it is creating hell for scheduling since they have to convalesce at home. Jauss told us that she had an unvaccinated patient die last week who was retired and building his dream home. Such a waste. I told them about my unvaccinated work family that was decimating our departments. Such a societal ill.

    C called today with great news - she found some friends finally on Bumble friends - I didn't even know that was a thing. Normally it's a dating app mom, but you can find friends there. She found a girl named Trinity from Dallas with pink hair who is anti Greek and a yoga meditation friend  - they ended up being in the same house. They had coffee in the am and shopping plans and are probably out right now at a bar C told me about that ignores fake ID's. I told her to be safe. I trust that she will. I'm so happy that she is happier than she has been in two weeks. When your kids are sad, it eats you up. 

    Avery worried that she invited her BF to dinner tomorrow I was like no - I want him to come girl I was gonna ask you to bring him. It will be a celebration and a send off for the both of you. When you get to Fayetteville you gotta take care of C. I also talked to Shannon from book club today - she's rad and has two kids pre-med at Fayetteville. Shared C's contact with her. Building a network of support is so important. Happy Sunday I guess? Much love, Elizabeth

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