Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Happy Friday!!

     Yesterday was a shit show. Not work wise, only 100 blocks yesterday and today which used to be a decent load of work but now is a walk in the park. When I walked in I learned one of the unvaxxed secretaries tested positive for Covid Thursday night and one of the girls in the gross room tested positive for Covid on Saturday. Turns out, if someone tests positive for Covid, all the unvaxxed close contacts need to go home for a few days (maybe 7-10?) and not return to work until they have a negative test.

    Which decimated transcription and the gross room. We lost 75% in both departments and although we were able to call in reserves in the gross room (retired folk) Tina and Kimberly have been going it alone for the past two days. I was frantically arranging pizza lunch and brought in a bunch of chocolate today - I told Tina she and Kim deserved Bonefish meal from me when this is all over like when she went it alone during the snow storm. Looking forward to that.

    I know that we can't really mandate the vaccine at this point - it's still under EUA. Until it's FDA approved (Fauci says maybe September) or Baptist mandates it we won't in our business. This has become such a polar issue - as or more sensitive than abortion - that we don't bring it up but I can't help being annoyed. When one of the girls in the gross room said "Why didn't we have a plan for this" in despair Monday morning I had to bite my tongue not so say in front of the unvaxxed that we did have a plan. Fauci had a plan. And now we are ignoring the plan and becoming human petri dishes for mutants, here in the South. 

    I get it, there are reasons to choose not to vax. Most of which are wrongly political but some of which are legit (my bro in law got Guillain Barre from Covid so according to sis vaccine is contraindicated). Haven't researched this, but it makes sense that you wouldn't want to reintroduce any antigens that stimulated a war on your nervous system by your own autoimmune system. I had to discipline an employee a couple of weeks ago for shaming a non-vaxxed employee to tears. It's not ok. Baptist's reason for holding off on requirement is that they will lose already low staff numbers to other local hospitals that don't require the vax. Makes sense - we lost four micro techs last month to local hospitals recruiting heavily with fancy packages. Seatbelts are the law. Vaccines are not yet, to Covid anyway. SMH why you wouldn't take it but it's not my business (HIPPAA violation) to know and grill everyone who doesn't. 

    So even though it's my Friday (yippee!) I'm going in to finish off a case tomorrow and Thursday to go to OT. OT is cracking me up. We are in the same room as PT, and there are about 10 patients every hour. A therapist gets assigned two patients so it's often a struggle and they use a student to fill in. I finally had the same therapist my fourth visit (The first guy was a floater and Molly was filling in too). Stephanie is good but you can tell she's juggling a lot and so Bailey the student was assigned to me for the first 45 minutes. She said she was told to continue the same exercises and I was like, but no one has ever used the same exercises I'm so confused. She read my chart and ascertained the same thing. I bench pressed a half pound walking stick (the metal kind with the rubber stopper) for almost 45 minutes with brief adjustments and nice TENS unit at the end. Something is working. I'm getting better. 

    Watching the people doing PT across the room is fascinating. They work so much harder than me. Grizzly veteran looking guys and women that have clearly been through a lot. One guy was navigating cones with a walking stick - he looked good - another was trying to learn how to walk without a wheelchair. He looked like a marionette trying to turn into a real boy. I don't mean this in a derogative fashion, just descriptive. I admired everyone I saw and sent lots of love and support. Getting old isn't easy. Happy Friday on a Tuesday. Much love, Elizabeth

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