Friday, August 6, 2021

Gold Star

     I walked into huddle a couple of minutes late this morning. Amy was telling a story about two patients who tested negative on the BioFire, I'm guessing they were ill and looking like Covid I missed that part but they were retested on the Panther the same day and were POSITIVE. Dr. Novack is thinking this is some new subvariant of Delta that is evading the BioFire PCR targets. I looked at Amy incredulously and asked so what are we going to do? Stop using the BioFire? She shrugged. I shrugged back. She said the thinking right now is to divert the more important tests, like ED away from the BioFire. Olivia asked if the patients were re-tested on the Cepheid to see if it captured the virus. Amy said that's a smart question, we thought about that, but we decided to save the rest of the sample and send it directly for sequencing to see exactly what we are dealing with. That's smart too, get a definitive answer.

    I had to duck out a little early from huddle to go to my first OT appointment at BRI. I thought is was PT, but I was gently corrected by my therapist Francis. He was very nice, and explained the difference, but I still don't really understand it at all so I won't try to explain it here. When I told him I wasn't taking any pain meds bc they made my stomach hurt he looked surprised - he agreed that the shoulder ice packs my chiropractor recommended Thursday was a good idea. He was palpating my shoulder joint and was surprised at my lack of pain after he reviewed the MRI. I told him so was Dr. Gilliam, I could tell, is this unusual? He said usually patients with your injury have much more pain and less range of motion. He did massages, stretches, showed me some things to do at home (it was a pleasant hour) and I got electrodes and a cold towel at the end. He told me that normally he spends the first four to six sessions doing what we did but based on my functionality we would probably move to strength training next week. My inner child was glowing from the ego stroke. I told him I would happily move into the accelerated program. 

    God I'm glad this call week is winding down it's been holy hell. Yesterday about killed me - when you have employee issues on top of 160 blocks it's pretty unnerving. Jessica told me a funny story today when I went to check the OR. One of the nurses said that a patient went in for a laparoscopic procedure - she seemed a little off before anesthetized, and when they took a look they decided they had to convert to open. This nurse is cool as a cucumber she was Hugh Burnett's private nurse until he passed a few years ago. They discovered, I guess they were prepping and maybe placing a foley not sure, that she had left a clitoral ring in. You are supposed to take all that out before surgery. The OB asked the nurse to take the clitoral ring out. She said I'm sorry I have no idea how to do that (nor did she want to). He said ok I'll do it and expertly removed the ring. I'm guessing OB's encounter this stuff I've never thought of it before.

    When the patient woke up in the PACU she started wailing about getting her clitoral ring back in as soon as possible because the hole will close up in one hour. No idea if this is factual or not but she was certain in her own head. The surgical nurse handed the ring to the PACU nurse and said tell her if she wants it back in she can do it herself. We decided she probably worried the procedure would be over an hour so she decided to sneak in with it. People are so strange. 

    Jessica was throwing away a plastic trash can with a tear in the side of it - they are doing some late summer Spring cleaning in the gross room. Kimberly has been cleaning up and organizing the transcription area and Marta has made great strides on my office - it's infectious and somehow head clearing. She said it's funny, the story of this trash can. It came from Malvern. It carried an ovarian tumor about yea big (she held her arms out to mimic the size of three beach balls). They put it in this trash can, surrounded by a trash bag, in a biohazard container. I was trying to imagine it when she looked at the floor like it was that day and she looked me straight in the eye like I was the courier and said, No. We don't take stuff like this. 

    How did you get into the biohazard container? I wondered. Things that go into those and get sealed aren't meant to come out, it's in the design. We broke into it somehow, I cannot remember. Then I said I didn't even know they did those kinds of surgery in Malvern. That's the last one they ever did, Jessica said. We laughed. She's having a girl's gross room pool party at her house tomorrow afternoon I'm so excited to be included. They call it the tissue lab, but I was trained in residency to call it the gross room. Kinda fun to be old school.

    Troy Wells, the CEO of Baptist, sent me my first ever text late this afternoon - I read it to Jessica and Laurie and Bob. I said it looks like it went to me but it probably went to all the docs and admin I'm guessing? Who knows. Anyway, the take home message is that our plan to increase hospital bed capacity is going into effect as early as next week. We are adding 157 beds to Fort Smith and Van Buren and Little Rock. Probably 2 in Fort Smith and Van Buren, Jessica quipped, and the rest in Little Rock. Also, they are planning to recruit outside nursing staff kind of like New York did at the beginning of Covid. Once again we are heading into new waters. Wildfires, Covid variants, historic floods. I read a funny meme the other day that said we'd better be starring in the next version of the Bible. Happy Friday! Much love, Elizabeth

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