Monday, August 23, 2021

Call Monday

     It kinda sucked. I was up in the middle of the night and overslept. Needed to be in Conway for frozens, which was ok, I made it there by 8:30 and the frozen didn't come until after 10:00. Made it back to Baptist LR by 11:00.

    I love my daughter so much. She's been struggling with health issues - unusual for her - and the last week was hell. Couple homesickness with not going Greek - something I'm so proud of - almost did her in. She started classes today and met up with a mentee - she signed up to be a mentor for a sophomore with Down's Syndrome. His name is Jack, she's enamored. I'm not judging the Greek life but it's so all pervasive at Fayetteville; it's ridiculous. The balloons alone must have cost an arm and a leg. Mike and I totally supported her decision, whichever way it went. She's got a full ride complete with a huge living stipend, cell phone paid for, 10K a year for travel abroad. She's an fing badass. I told her I would be happy to help pay for a Greek life. Her response: "Mom, I didn't leave for college to be tied to a new institution giving me new rules." Kudos. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    She's an ENFJ and I'm an INFJ. I told her that she would have a much harder transition since she was an extrovert (sitting in the dorm alone with a book for a week would have been my dream). I hooked her up with a single mom from Sunday school who moved to Fayetteville a couple of years ago. She volunteers for a nonprofit (Pathway maybe) that rescues girls and women who are victims of sex traffic. Locally. C texted her. I'm glad they made the connection.

    Work is kind of screwy Shaver called in sick today, luckily he didn't test positive for Covid, but he did test positive for RSV and will be out again tomorrow. More sucking up work. I was supposed to be on morning frozens for call but now will be on EV. Staggs is covering. 

    Hal recently changed our pap smear review to only EV. For the past what, 15 years, it has rotated on the AP surgicals. Now I get paps daily on EV. It's terrible, and I'm confused, bc Hal hates change, but I think we are here for the long haul. So I was complaining, we can't call it EV anymore, bc it's no longer extravaginal, it's all up in the vagina. I'm getting maybe two trays of paps a day - more than I've ever done since I joined the group. Unless you look at it differently. EXTRA vaginal. So you get lots of vagina. Go figure. 

    Had a fun time tonight cooking with J. He's a master chef talking about flavor profiles it cracks me up. Got OT tomorrow in the am and switching to EV since Shaver is taking time off to combat RSV. Sending lots of love. Elizabeth

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