Friday, July 23, 2021


     So much happened today I don't know if there is a beginning or an end there were just endless cases. I worked my fing ass off. BHEC committee was underwhelming, I was ten minutes late; forgot it had moved from down by the Doctor's lounge to the Admin suite. I was talking with Ali afterwards - he was asking about my KT tape on my arm and I told him about my MRI fears and he said, don't worry - I fell asleep, it's not bad. GTK bc it's set up for next Wednesday at 6am. Lucy worked the kitchen at Baptist Boulevard today - hadn't seen her in too long - and we hugged and planned a girl's shopping trip next Thursday so excited. But that's an aside.

    As Ali and I were walking up the stairs after BHEC meeting we bumped into Wayne Lyle. He's an ED doc - I told Ali we went to med school together and we were blood draw lab partners. Told them I drew his blood fine but when he drew mine I passed out cold. Ali laughed and Wayne did too - said he didn't remember that until just now. Ali checked in on Wayne. How are y'all doing in the ED. With the delta variant. 

    Wayne said I've still got lots of compassion for my patients - that's my job, but I'm losing my compassion for the employees who won't vaccinate. I'm so angry and I try not to be but I am. I told him not all of our employees are vaccinated and some still don't believe that the unvaxxed are the root of the new variants - it angers me. Especially when so much of that movement, if you call it that, wants to blame the Hispanics, which Wayne and Melody assured my instincts today that the Hispanic population are not in the ED with Covid and are overwhelmingly vaccinated compared to our population. I learned that only 48% of our hospital employees are vaccinated, and it almost brought me to my knees. Physician vax rate is 95-98%, which makes the others even lower percentage wise. The floating reason for not requiring the vax is that we are so short of nursing staff that if we require it they bail and we are crippled. I kinda get that - there is talk of a coordinated effort to all require vax at the same time so there is no "safe hospital" for the unvaxxed but at the same time I just want to call bullshit like Emmanuel Macron.

    Went to huddle and was glad I did Amy did an amazing inservice on sequencing. There's not just Covid and a delta variant; we were looking at graphs and sequences of the entire evolution of the virus, which mutates daily, over the past year. I was supposed to be at the Zoom meeting Wednesday but call duties prevailed. The doctor in charge in Arkansas admits we are the 48th in the country for sequencing Covid cases (just like the vaccine, I joked with Olivia). When there was a geri psych outbreak last year at the beginning of Covid - I researched the contacts for admin - the sequences of the virus were all the same. B.1.1 maybe? I had Amy send me the Power Point but it's a little late to delve into that I've got to work tomorrow. Anyway, all the current infections - kids and adults - are overwhelmingly Delta. The bad news makes the news. If it bleeds, it leads. 

    Kids are going out of town next week - C to Mexico and Jack to camp. Already texting friends for plans - there are no triple surgicals or even pluses on the schedule next week (thank god) so hopefully work will be manageable. Happy Friday. Much love, Elizabeth


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